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Monday, April 6, 2009

Witchcrafting: How to Sew a Mojo Bag

Note: I guess the title of this blog should read, How I Sew a Mojo Bag since most practitioners have their own way of doing things. Some may disagree with the dimensions I've recommended in this blog, while others may choose to make their mojo bag by folding their herbs, roots, and curios into a square of flannel gathering the four corners and tying it off. To each his own.

You will need:

Red Flannel

White Embroidery Floss



Needle and Thread

  1. To begin gather all your equipment and materials. Note: Where as mojo bags are traditionally made out of red flannel, they can be made out of a color of flannel which matches your goal (i.e. green for money, blue for protection, etc…)

  1. Cut out a rectangle of Red Flannel that is approximately 8 x 3 inches. Please note that mojo bags are not sew together from two separate pieces of cloth but rather from one piece of cloth that has been folded in half.

  1. Fold the rectangle in half. You can see in the illustration below where I have drawn lines on the cloth to indicate where you will be sewing up the sides of the mojo bag. The horizontal line at the top of the bag indicates where you will start/stop your stitches. The section of fabric above this line will be folded over and sewn in place to create the loop for the drawstring once the sides have been sewn together and the entire bag turned inside out.

  1. Pin the two halves of the cloth together. Using your scissors remove the outside corners at the top of the bag where the horizontal and vertical lines intersect.

  1. Sew up the sides as indicated by the lines above. When you are done, turn the bag inside out, and fold down the section of cloth above the horizontal lines. This section of cloth is then sewn in place to make the ‘loop’ for the drawstring. Once both sides have been sewn in place, thread a slightly larger needle with the embroidery floss and use this to feed the floss through the loops on each side.

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures. My batteries were dying and I was trying to get these pictures taken before they were completely out of juice. However, I believe that with these pictures and instructions will be able to sew yourself a mojo bag.

Carolina Dean


How to Tie a Mojo Hand (video)


Anonymous said...

What is your opinion on sewing all four sides shut, like a little packet?

Jen (Avalon from LMCC Forum) ^_^

Carolina Dean said...

Honestly, I prefer to have the draw-string. In this way it's much easier, if I have need to open the bag to add/remove something or rededicate the bag.

I supposed if you sew it all the way around and then need to open it for some reason, you can use a seam ripper.