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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Of Papers and Petitions

In the Hoodoo tradition, one is typically advised to write one's petition on brown paper torn, usually from a grocery type sack, on all four sides by hand. This is thought to make the paper pure. However, there are instances where the practitioner is allowed to cut the paper with a pair of scissors. The use of scissors is seen as symbolic of using weapons such as swords, knives, and daggers against one's enemies. Some situations in which you would cut your petition paper with scissors can include when driving two people apart, or working enemy tricks.

In my personal practices, I prefer the paper to form a perfect square. However, I've never seen any reference where this was a traditional rule sacred to the practice of Hoodoo. Ideally I like to use brown paper bags and lead pencils or regular ink pens whose colors matches my goal (red for love, green for money) and usually paired with black for contrast. Like a prosperity petition would have my name nine times in black ink and crossed nine time with 'prosperity' in green ink. I usually incorporate symbols such as dollar signs, hearts, astrological symbols, and even sometimes Runes into the petition.

If I am am writing a petition that will have an effect on two people, such as bringing them together or driving them apart; I will cross one name with the other and write what I want to happen in a circle around the names. For example, in the photo at the beginning of this blog post, you can see an example of a petition I wrote when I wanted a local car dealer to finance me when I went to buy a new car. I wrote his name in red, so that he would be filled with positive thoughts of me so he would be inclined to finance me; my own name was written in black to surround me with an aura of prosperity and show me as someone who will make my payments on time. The paper itself was torn from a sack of sugar.

If I am writing a petition that is meant to command or compel another person, I will write their name in all lower case letters and cross and cover their name with my command in all caps (usually with a sharpie). Again, my specific command will be written around the names in a circle.

In addition, I have also used different types of papers for different situations.

* If I am doing any kind of love or sweetener type of spell, I write my petition on the paper torn from a sack of sugar.

* If I am writing a petition for any type of prosperity or financial increase, I use a portion of the envelope in which my monthly bank statement is mailed. I've also used the financial section of the newspaper and write my petition on the paper in black permanent marker. Black being a color associated with profits in accounting.

* I often save the cards, letters, and envelopes that friends send to me. I clip their signature from the card as well as the part that they licked to seal the envelope and save these as personal concerns. I also save parts of the envelope with no writing on it (usually the inside), which I can use to write a petition that is intended to have an effect on that person. I also save handwritten notes that people leave me at work for the same purpose.

I keep all my papers in separate ziplock bags labeled by type of use. The papers associated with specific people are placed in smaller ziplock bags along with any other personal concerns I have belonging to said person.

Carolina Dean

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