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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Protection and Reversal

Note: Below I am describing some work that I performed after having been verbally attacked, mocked, and lied about by two co-workers. You may want to read my previous blog entry on this subject to see what prompted me to perform this working.

First, I wrote my name nine times on a piece of paper and crossed and covered this with the word protection in big bold letters. Around this I wrote the statement "may all the good I've been denied, now come to me." I then folded the petition towards me three times, rotating it once clockwise between each fold, and set this aside. Next, I carved my name upon a white candle. I anointed the white candle with High John the Conqueror Root Oil and rolled it towards myself in a mixture of salt, bay, and basil. I placed the candle in a holder, under which I placed the petition, and placed the holder on my altar.

Next I crossed and covered the names of the two people who attacked me on a piece of paper. Around the names in a perfect circle I wrote the statement "may all the evil you've done to me now return to you." I folded the paper away from myself three times, rotation it counterclockwise between each fold and set this aside. I carved the names of the two individuals upon a black candle, then dipped the entire thing in vinegar. I then rolled the wet candle in a mixture of red pepper, black pepper, and sage. This candle was then placed in a holder on my altar.

At my altar, I lit my illumination candles (candles lit for light and atmosphere) and anointed my hands and temples with High John the Conqueror Oil. I lit the white candle and said "May all the good I've been denied, now come to me!". Then I lit the black candle and said "May all the evil these two have done to me, now return to them!".

As the candles burned I took out my bible and read Psalm 91. When I finished reading the passage, I uttered a personal prayer asking the Lord to take up my cause and defend me where I cannot.

At this point I felt the anger I had held onto all day just leave me and I didn't dwell on the matter any more. As the candles continued burning I drew a bath that contained salt, basil and ammonia. I soaked in the bath for about half and hour before pulling the plug.

At this point I felt moved to do some additional work. I knew that I planned on speaking to the big boss about the incident so I went into my little cabinet and pulled on the Christmas card (complete with photo) that he gave all the employees last year. On the back of the photo, I wrote [name of boss] favor me, three times. I then crossed and covered this with my own name, written three times. I placed the photo on a saucer and poured some syrup over it.

I carved his name on a pink candle and placed this on top of the photo (the stickiness of the syrup made it stand up on it's own). I lit the candle and improvised a prayer that my boss favor me in this matter.

Finally, I wrote the names of the two individuals who attacked me on a small piece of paper nine times each. This paper was then placed in my right shoe face down, so that all day I will walk all over them.

The Results:

I went into work this morning and acted like the previous day never happened. I didn't address any of the issues or bring up the incident. The supervisor that berated me was as nice as she could be. We both performed our jobs and had little contact. She offered to buy me a coffee from Starbucks (I declined) early in the day, and made it a point to tell me what good job I did on a certain task.

The cashier that yelled at me, absolutely refused to speak to me all day (which was fine with me). I spoke to her about business issues, but she didn't respond other than to acknowledge my directions. I happen to be in the break room when she took her first break, she heated up her croissant in the microwave and then took it to her car.

The supervisor that berated me had to leave early since she was approaching overtime. After she left, I made it a point to speak with my manager (the big boss) about who the supervisor treated me in the office. I told him my side of the story and he viewed the video tapes while I sat in the office. After viewing the tape he was very sympathetic towards me although he did tell me that me and the cashier should not have gotten in a shouting match on the sales-floor. I agreed with that because he faulted us both and all the blame for the incident was not being laid at my feet. The supervisor who berated me will be getting a talking to tomorrow as well.

All in all, I am satisfied with the outcome. In addition, since I spoke to the boss about the supervisor I have a certain level of protection now from her as they don't want to be accused of 'retaliation".

Carolina Dean


Dr. E. said...

Well done. Wicked coworkers need to be dealt with swiftly - they act like cancerous tumors if left unchecked.

Carolina Dean said...


This one manager is leaving in October, so I won't have to deal with her for very long.