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Sunday, May 31, 2009

To Sour an Enemy's Life

I am not going to get into the particulars of why I performed this working or on whom I will describe for you below, suffice it to say that I feel it was justified and that I should perform it immediately rather than waiting for the moon to change. Since the moon is waxing, I performed this working with the idea that my curse will grow and become more powerful as the moon grows.

To perform this working you will need.

A photo of the person
tacky glue
a clean glass jar with a tight fitting lid
petition paper

To begin, glue the person's photograph to the jar upside down. Next, write the person's name on a piece of paper 13 times then draw a large X through the list of the names. Fold the paper away from you three times, turning it counter-clockwise once between each fold.

Place the name-paper in the empty jar. Place the pins in the jar, then fill the jar 3/4 full with an equal mixture of the dried herbs. Finally, pour in the vinegar filling up the jar and screw on the lid tightly.

Finally, set up and burn a black-candle on top of the jar invoking your curse.

"{Name} may your life be turned upside down and turn as sour and bitter as this vinegar. May all the evil you direct against others be visited upon you, may your life be filled with darkness and evil, and may you walk the earth alone and afraid for all your days!"

Store the jar in a dark place. At the same time each day for a total of 13 days, burn a new candle up top of the remains of the old one and utter your curse. If for any reason you find yourself filled with anger throughout the day (angry at traffic, poor customer service, an unruly child, etc...) channel that anger against the person by visualizing the person and utter your curse.

At the end of the 13 days,throw the jar into a body of water so that as it sinks so will the person sink to the depths of despair.

When you are done, follow up your work with a cleansing Spiritual Bath that includes hyssop, or at least salt and ammonia to separate yourself from the negativity of the work.

Carolina Dean


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