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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dammit Jim I'm a Doctor, Not a Photographer...

Look what I got in the mail yesterday......

And here are some pics from Relay for team raised almost 3 times our goal!

Me performing my duties as the Queen of Caution.

Me and my co-worker/friend Deb standing in front of another teams tent.

You can't really tell from the pic, but that's one of the Delorean's from Back to the Future behind us. The theme this year was Back to the Future.

Dam spots everywhere...trying to get me....

Don't ask.

Me yelling at the cute Marines offering to do a cancer screen on their colon for a nickel.

I just like this one.

And finally, our relay for life team.

Carolina Dean

1 comment:

greywolf said...

many heart filled congratulations on your accomplishment!

I have had the course myself for almost a year now and have not had the motivation that i thought i would to dive in. Seeing your certificate made me really want to get mine - so off to the book I go!

Thanks for being a great motivator!