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Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Lemon Curse

This is a spell designed to banish someone, or make them go away. It includes a punishment for the victim if they do not comply with your desire to get out of your life.

You will need:

A Black Candle

Crossing Oil

A Bottle of Vinegar

A Lemon

A Glass Jar



Photo of Person

Begin by carving the person's name on the candle and then anointing it with crossing oil. As you anoint the candle, say "(Name) may all the evil you've done to me now return to you!"

Set the candle in a holder and light it. Write the person's name in small letters across their photo three times, then cross and cover this with the words "SOUR AND BITTER" in large, bold letters. Fold the photo away from you three times, rotating it counterclockwise between each fold, saying "May (N's) presence and influence in my life now turn away from me and out of my life forever!"

Cut a slice in the lemon, insert the photo. Pin the lemon shut and say "(Name) as I pin this lemon shut, I close all the doors through which you may enter into my life!"

Place the lemon in the jar and fill the jar with vinegar. Screw the lid on tightly, shake the jar and say:

"Lord as you made the blind to see, let (N) see that s/he has no place in my life! As you made the lame to walk let (N) walk out of my life forever! As you cast demons out of the possessed, cast (N) out of my life forever! Lord, may his/her life grow as sour as this lemon and as bitter as this vinegar with each passing day until s/he leaves my life forever! As this lemon rots away so may his/her health and vitality rot away until s/he leaves my life forever! In Jesus' name. Amen.

Leave the jar near the candle until it is spent, thereafter. When you are done, bury the jar in a graveyard, or throw it in a body of water. So long as the person stays out of your life and your business, nothing will happen to them, but should they continue to insinuate themselves into your life, the curse will take hold. The choice is up to them.

Carolina Dean

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