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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Playing Card and Candle Spell to Attract a Lover

This spell can be worked on a specific individual that you desire, or it can be worked to draw the type of person that you most desire.

To perform this spell you will require:

A New Deck of Playing Cards

A Red Candle

Love Drawing Type Oils

Drawing Powder

Red Cord

To begin, remove the Ace of Hearts from the deck. Next, choose a card to represent yourself and the person that you desire. If you don’t have a specific person in mind, you can choose a card which best represents the type of person you wish to attract to yourself.

If you are familiar with playing card divination, you probably already have a good idea of the different personality types as represented by the ‘people cards’. However, for quick reference, I will share the archetypes of the playing cards as I know them. These archetypes are heavily influenced by astrology. They are:

King of Clubs (Aries) The Leader

Queen of Clubs (Leo) The Achiever

Jack of Clubs (Sagittarius) The Adventurer

King of Diamonds (Taurus) The Provider

Queen of Diamonds (Virgo) The Supporter

Jack of Diamonds (Capricorn) The Gambler

King of Spades (Gemini) The Judge

Queen of Spades (Libra) The Worrier

Jack of Spades (Aquarius) The Trouble-Maker

King of Hearts (Cancer) The Advisor

Queen of Hearts (Scorpio) The Healer

Jack of Hearts (Pisces) The Lover

Once you have chosen the cards you wish to use in this working, set them aside for now. Carve your wish for a mate on the red candle. Anoint it with an appropriate love-drawing type oil of your own choosing (gay individuals may wish to use Lavender Love Drops, while straight individuals may wish to use Come to Me Oil.). Roll the candle towards yourself in drawing powder (or the powdered form of the aforementioned formulas) and set the candle in a holder.

Place the card representing the male/Top individual on the right side of the candle, and the card representing the female/bottom individual on the left side of the candle. Light the candle and then anoint the four corners and center of the masculine cards with your chosen oil and name it for the person concerned. If you don’t have a specific person in mind focus on the qualities that you desire in a mate and name the card accordingly, for example, you might say this card represents a man who will love me and support me financially. Next, anoint the card representing yourself in the same manner and name it for yourself. Finally, sprinkle some drawing power over the cards and gently blow it away. If you wish, you can write the names of the individuals on the cards with a permanent marker as part of the naming portion of this working prior to anointing them with oil.

Pick up both cards and hold them far apart yet facing one another. Slowly draw the cards closer together as you say……

“May these two souls now be drawn one to the other. May their hearts beat as one heart. May their flesh be as one flesh and their mind me as one mind. Amen.”

Bring the cards face together, and place the Ace of Hearts on top of them. Bind the cards together with a length of red cord, then lay them before the candle and say.

“Fire burn deep! Fill our bodies with desire. Fill our minds with passion. Fill our souls with yearning for one another. Burn! Burn! Burn! Bring us together and make us one! Amen.”

Leave the bound cards before the burning candle until it is spent. Then, wrap them in a red cloth (or your underwear) and place them under your mattress.

Carolina Dean


Magaly Guerrero said...

You know, I have never been into card games, but I think I've developed new love for the game ;)

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