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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Taking Off the Evil Eye

Items needed:

a potato that has 'eyes' on it

pins or needles

knife or scissors

black sharpie

The Job

Begin by writing the name of the person whom you believe jinxed you with the evil eye. If you do not know the name of the person, just write "the person who jinxed me" Next, impale each of the potato's eyes with a pin to remove their power over you and finally pass the knife or scissors over the potato to sever the ties that bind victim to perpetrator.

When you are done, take the potato and bury it on the West side of your property so that the evil will lessen each day with the setting son and the perpetrator's power will rot away as the potato rots in the ground.

Carolina Dean

1 comment:

Evil Eye said...

Just be sure to stay away from the Evil Eye!