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Friday, July 3, 2009

Carolina Dean's Ritual of Independance

This is a ritual that I have performed every July 4th for the past several years, and would like to share with my readers now. It is very simple to perform, and I find that the less you prepare for the ritual the more powerful it will be for you.

To begin collect one red, one white, and one blue candle of any size. These are the colors of the American Flag and which are synonymous with independence. In addition the three candles represents the three dimensions of self, that of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Light each of the candle and say silently or aloud make your personal declaration of independence...

Today I declare Emotional Independence from depression
Today I declare Financial independence from poverty
Today I declare Physical independence from dis-ease
Today I declare Spiritual independence from negativity
Today I declare...(fill in the blank)

Continue your personal declaration until you are satisfied with what you have said. Thereafter, let the candle burn themselves out.

If you desire, you can augment this ritual by anointing the candles with oils and rolling them in herbs which you feel most empower you. In addition, you can add any symbols, written-petitions, talismans, Saint Figures, etc... to your altar or independence.

Carolina Dean

PS: I've also found that you can write small words and phrases describing things you'd like to be rid of and tie these to firecrackers (I prefer bottle rockets) and as they explode declare your independence. 

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