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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Fast Money Spell

Note: This spell was inspired by something that Dr. K said in passing on one of the Lucky Mojo Radio shows. I could not recall his specific instructions and threw this spell together from memory. So far it has worked well for me, thank you Dr. Kioni.

To perform this spell you will need:

7 Nickels

Petition Paper

Fast Luck Oil

Money Drawing Oil

4 Green Candles

Powdered Cinnamon

Dried Chamomile

Drawing Powder

The Job

To begin, lay the nickels out so that they form a Holy Cross. Anoint each of the coins with a dab on both Fast Luck and Money Drawing Oil.

Write your specific wish for money luck on the piece of paper and then cross and cover this with your name three times. Anoint the four corners and center of the paper with the oils mentioned, then fold the paper towards you three times rotating it one turn clock-wise between each fold.

On two of the green candles write FAST LUCK and anoint them with fast luck oil. On the other two green candles write MONEY COME TO ME and anoint them with money drawing oil

Place the four candles on the four ‘tips’ of the Holy Cross formed by the coins. Alternate the candles so that the Fast Luck candles are across from one another and the Money Come to Me Candles are across from one another.

Place your written petition in the center of the cross. Sprinkle a mixture of cinnamon chips, chamomile and drawing powder over the whole thing. Light the candles and make your prayer or petition for money and fast luck.

When the candles are spent, gather the dried herbs, coins, petition, and any left over wax. Fold them together into a green cloth and keep this somewhere safe.

Carolina Dean

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