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Monday, July 20, 2009

How to Make a Jack Ball

Jack Balls

The purpose of this blog entry is to describe for you how I make a Jack Ball. I am not going into the history and use of the jack ball. If you are interested in these topics I suggest you click on the following links.

The Arcane Archive- Luck Ball and Jack Ball

Mary Alice Owen: Hoodoo Luck Balls

To make a Jack Ball you will need:

Cord or Yarn
Personal Items Belonging to Individual.
your chosen herbs

Step One

Collect the personal items (hair, nail clippings, bits of cloth, bodily fluids, etc.) Burn these and mix the resulting ashes and dried herbs with wax from a dripping candle. Roll the wax into a ball.
Step Two 
Wind the yarn around the wax ball. For the purposes of this blog post I'm using a wad of paper in place of a ball of wax.
Step Three 
Rotate the ball while winding the yarn around it until it is completely covered, leaving a tail of roughly 12 inches.
Step Four 
Thread the tail through a large needle and run it through the center of the ball and out the opposite end.
Step Five

Thread a length of yarn on the needle twice the length of the jack ball's tail. Run the needle through the ball at the base of the tail.
Step Six

You now have three tails. Braid the three tails so that they make one large tail and tie off the end.
Step Seven 
If you desire you can tie nine knots in the tail at equidistant points. Otherwise, your jack ball is finished.

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