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Sunday, July 19, 2009

MLAAW: Curse of the Green Man

Although I’ve had my differences with magical people in the past, I can’t say that I’ve ever been the victim of a curse or black magick (although I’m sure people have tried) with the exception of one instance which I am going to share with you today.

It was the early 90’s and I had just discovered a wonderful book by first time author, Silver Ravenwolf (this was before she gained widespread success and suffered a backlash in the magickal community) called To Ride a Silver Broomstick.

After reading the book several times and successfully completing all the exercises it contained I wanted to branch out in my studies. In the back of the book the author included a guide to Pagan newsletters, journals, services, etc... One of these periodicals was called The Green Man. I wrote to The Green Man and received a sample issue. In the back of this issue was an advertisement for yet another newsletter.

This newsletter, whose name I’ve long forgotten, was basically a means for gay pagan men to meet and share their knowledge and experiences. For the low, low price of $2.00 you sent a paragraph about yourself along with your payment. Four times a year you would receive this newsletter which would contain a number of introductions by gay pagan men from all walks of life.

When I received my first copy of the newsletter, I quickly skimmed through it looking for my entry to make sure they entered all my information correctly.

“GWM 20 y.o. exploring a Wiccan path, seeks friend on same or similar path to share experiences and knowledge. Respond to [address withheld]”

I then read over all the other entries and picked out three that appealed to me. I wrote a generic letter of introduction and sent it to the three men. About a week and a half later I received a very long letter from a man who also included a Polaroid photograph of himself from the knees up and the chest down…naked. The man had a huge green tattoo of Pan (the god) on his thigh that ran from his hip down past his knee and some kind of piercing through his penis.

In the man’s advertisement he claimed to be in his early 30’s, but judging from his photograph I would estimate his age to be in his later 50’s to early 60’s. He introduced himself as my ‘master’, a truck-driver who would be coming through South Carolina in a few weeks and he would be by to ‘take what was his’.

It was probably a mistake on my part, but I wrote this person back explaining that we didn’t want the same things and perhaps it would be better to seek what he needs elsewhere. I saved the Polaroid and letter in case I needed to get the police involved. A few days later I received an angry letter from him calling me a tease and telling me I was going to get what I deserved.

A few hours after receiving his letter I began to feel ill. My entire body ached and I became very tired. I went to bed and woke up a few hours later shivering and could not get warm. This turned into a high grade fever over-night. I was delirious with the fever and in my delirium I got it into my head that this man was throwing a curse on me.

Once I came to believe this illness had its origin in the magick of a man I had rejected, I began to form a plan. Somehow I gathered the strength to get out of bed and collect the letter and Polaroid I had tucked away. I burned the man’s letter and mixed the ashes with bacon grease. To this day I don’t know why I used bacon grease except that at the time in my condition it seemed like a good idea. I then dipped my finger in the mixture and grew an inverted pentagram over the man’s Polaroid, I rolled the Polaroid up into a tube and bound it with duct tape.

Finally, I walked outside and appealing to the Goddess for protection, I tossed the bound picture in the stream that ran behind my house, allowing the current to take this man and his evil away from me.

I returned indoors and collapsed back in bed. Some time in the night my fever broke and my strength returned. I never heard from the Green Man again….

Carolina Dean


Makay said...

Well I certainly enjoyed this one. What a horses butt greenman was. Not even a hi get to know you, just showing you his wares. Bad greenman. You handled it very well too.

Anonymous said...

wasn't the Green Man the name o the newsletter and not the person with the pan tattoo?

Carolina Dean said...

Yes, but the man was covered in tattoos in addition to his "Pan" tattoo and they were all drawn in green ink. So I dubbed him the Green Man.