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Friday, November 8, 2013

MIPC: Death Spell

Affix a candle to the inside of a glass jar. Light the candle and put the lid on the jar. Focus on your enemy and chant "take his/her breath" several times over and over. As the oxygen contained in the jar is burned up by the flame the person will begin to choke, when the flame will the target of attack."

Season Two, Episode Five: Love Hurts
Original Air Date 10-29-1989


Before I begin my commentary, I'd like to say that the source material for Magic in Popular Culture (MIPC) includes works of fiction. I am sharing these spells here to examine how magic is portrayed in works of fiction such as television, books, movies, and comic books. In many cases the villain of the story is often a magical practitioner and therefore some of the spells and rituals I will be examining will be of a darker nature.

It is not my intention to share this information for the purpose of promoting the un-justified use of these types of darker spells and rituals. I am simply examining their symbolism and offering conjecture on how I think they would operate in the real world of witchcraft, hoodoo, and rootwork.

That being said, the symbolism behind this spell is quite clear. However, if I were to attempt to cast this spell I would change a few things, for example carving the name of the intended victim on the candle, which would be black, and anointing it with a specific condition oil, such a D.U.M.E. Oil

I can tell you from several attempts at taking the above picture that I would also use the largest jar that I could find. A larger jar would contain more air and therefore it will take much longer for the candle flame to die giving you more time to focus and pray.

This spell may even require you to light the candle each day for several days, perhaps when the moon is waning and in an hour when both clock-hands are falling.

Carolina Dean

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