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Monday, September 7, 2009

MIPC: A Money and Luck Drawing Mojo Bag

“…get a small bag made of the skin of chamois. In it place this piece of lodestone and John Conqueror root. Tie it with a piece of devil’s shoestring and in your right hand, sprinkle five drops of holy oil. Keep the bag next to your skin”

Eve’s Bayou (1997)

Commentary: Set in Louisiana in the early 1960’s. Eve’s Bayou tells the story of the Batiste family from the perspective of Eve, the youngest daughter of Louis and Roz Batiste. Louis makes his living as a doctor, and has a penchant for seducing his attractive female patients. One night unbeknown to Louis, he is witnessed by Eve being intimate with a woman who is not his wife. This incident shatters the idealistic image Eve has of her father and sets off a chain of events that will affect the lives of the entire family.

The most interesting character in the film, in my opinion, is Louis’ sister Mozelle. Louise and Mozelle are a study in contrasts, though they have been described as being “just like one another.” Where Louis appears to be a stable family man, Mozelle’s every relationship ends in tragedy. Where Louis is a man of science, who believes in logic and the knowledge of his medicine; Mozelle is a woman of Spirit possessed of a powerful psychic gift. Throughout the film, Mozelle receives clients in her beautiful home to whom she provides psychic consultations.

In the scene mentioned above one of Mozelle’s clients, Madame Renard, learns that she has been swindled out of her life’s savings. Madame Renard comes to Mozelle seeking hope and reassurance only for Mozelle to confirm that the money is “all gone.” In order to give Madame Renard an inkling of hope Mozelle prescribes the recipe given above.

Chamois has long been used in the making of mojo bags and is the second most prescribed material called for when making one, behind red flannel. Lodestones have been used for centuries to attract one’s desires, in this case money and power as evidenced by the inclusion of the High John Root as well (the only other curio Mozelle directs Madame Renard to actually place in the bag.)

According to Cat Yronwode in Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic, “carrying a whole High John the Conqueror Root will never be long without money or a lover and that they will be extremely lucky in games of chance and highly successful in all business and financial undertakings.”

Finally, Devil’s shoe strings have been used for the purpose of protection from evil influences and malicious gossip. It also has the reputation for drawing money luck.

In addition to the ingredients, Mozelle instructs her client to anoint the bag with Holy Oil and to keep the bag next to her skin, which are traditional beliefs associated with the mojo.

Although I am surprised that Mozelle doesn’t mention anything about feeding the lodestone, smoking the mojo in incense or offering up a prayer I believe this to be a decent beginnings of a money and luck drawing mojo bag. However it would benefit from the addition of money drawing herbs such as chamomile, mint, and cinnamon; as well as money drawing curious such as buckeye and two-dollar bills.


Eve's Bayou (Trailer)
See the Scene (begins at 4:10)


Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic, Cat Yronwode (Hardcover Edition)

Carolina Dean

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