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Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Talisman for Safe Travel

When the Full Moon hangs in the air on a Wednesday, mark the four points of a magick circle with the elements at their corresponding cardinal points. Next, draw a sigil of your name on the Magic Square of Mercury located in the center of the talisman. When you are done expose the talisman to the four elements saying at each point.

Powers & energies of Mercury divine

infuse thyself within this sign;

from all the dangers of the road,

shield car & driver, passenger & load!

When done, this talisman can be tucked in a mojo bag along with mint and comfrey root, placed under a burning candle for the same purpose, hidden in your car, or even suspended on a length of thread from your rear-view mirror.


How to Create Sigils with Magic Squares See the section on Talismans.

Carolina Dean

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