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Sunday, October 25, 2009

MIPC: To Create a Pox of Redness Raw and Blisters Bubbling

Gather a smoky quartz gemstone, bowl of water, three pinches of sea salt.
Gather a silver or white candle
Gather a healing oil
Gather the healing herb of carnation, sandalwood and violet
The down feather of a live goose
Let the salt trickle through your fingers into the bowl
Add each herb into the bowl
then the feather
Carve the name of the person into the candle

Chant the invocation....


Anoint the candle with the material from the bowl. Light the candle, repeat the name which.....

Eastwick, “Fleas and Casserole”
Original Air Date: October 14th 2009

Commentary: Here we have a spell that illustrates the concept that anything that can be used to bless may also be used to curse, and the opposite is true as well. Each of the elements in this spell has traditionally been used for the purposes of healing and protection.

However, there are a number of substances which are thought to be inherently good but which have been used to curse and to hex. According to Judika Illes in The Elemental Book of 5000 Spells “Peppermint oil, a benevolent component of romantic and healing spells, is also used as a hexing agent in candle spells to bring harm and unhappiness to one's enemy." In addition, she also cites the herbs safflower and wormwood as being effective for delivering curses.

This concept extends to curios as well. Eggs have long been used for fertility, cleansing, and protection and yet they can be used to deliver curses as well. At least three curses using a Black Hen’s Egg can be found in Cat Yronwode’s Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic. Feathers from a Black Hen have been used for the purpose of protection and uncrossing, however, European witches have inserted feathers in their witch’s ladders for centuries to bring down curses upon the head of their enemies.

Even something as innocuous as water can be used to deliver a curse in the case of such recipes as War Water, Damnation Water, etc…This concept is not only true in the magical sense but in a mundane one as well. We are told that in order to maintain good health we should drink 8 glasses of water a day. However, ingest too much water and you could die from Water Intoxication.

That being said I do not believe the writers/producers of this show was aware of this concept and decided to use components in their spell which are thought to be benevolent in the case that someone did attempt to duplicate this spell. Another screen shot of the book from which this spell was lifted states….

"The legendary spells in this book are compiled from ancient folklore, various occult writings, regional superstitions, and other mystical sources. It is given as curiosa only and no claim of supernatural power are made for any ritual or materials. And no guarantee are offered or implied. Neither the author or publisher assume any responsibility for the outcome from the use of any...."

I honestly believe that this paragraph was inserted into the witch’s book of shadows as a disclaimer for the magic displayed on the show as such a statement as this would never be found in a real witch’s personal book of shadows.

With this in mind, I sincerely believe that in the hands of the right practitioner with the right intent this spell could work as stated. However, if I wish to give someone a pox of redness raw I believe that I would use a red candle rather than a white or silver one. I think I would also use a chicken feather in place of a goose feather for its associate with chicken pox. I would also anoint the candle with the bowl’s material before I lit and then chant the invocation.

Carolina Dean


The Elemental Book of 5000 Spells © 2004 Judika Illes (pages 584, 585, 586, 587, 589)
Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic © 2002, Cat Yronwode (pages 51, 52, 173) Hardcover Ed.


Anonymous said...

i'm interested in this spell.
do you have any idea to make it works?
i'd like to have an incantation and any details of
"Creating pox spell"

could you help me with this?

Carolina Dean said...

Hello anonymous,

I suggest you review my website here and review the information on how to craft a spell.

Thank you.

Carolina Dean