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Saturday, October 17, 2009

MIPC: To Raise & Control the Dead

Conspire to obtain an object which belonged to the deceased in life. Secret the object away to a private place where you have erected an altar lit by seven candles and on which rest a large flat stone. Draw a pentagram on the flat-stone in gun powder and lay the object upon it.

When all is ready say these words:

“Spirits of darkness, spirits of pestilence and pain. Hear me now.”

Cut your palm with an athame until you draw blood and let this fall upon the object. Say:

“Hear me….Grant me a soul from the distant shores. My warm blood for the blood frozen forever in his veins. Bring him back to me from the darkness Hear me! Rise up and do my bidding! Rise up and do my bidding!”

Using a match, light the gunpowder.

Dark Shadows
Episode 8 , 1991

Commentary: The use of personal objects, in this case a man's handkerchief, in the practice of magic should not have to be explained here. Suffice it to say that the use of such an object represents one's connection to the individual who owned that object and can be used to influence him or her. The flat stone represents the grave marker and the pentagram draw upon it is symbolic of the human body.

The drawing of blood no doubt gains the attention of the spirits called forth and served to forge the bond between magician and victim. Lighting the pentagram on fire can be seen as giving the body that it represents the 'spark' of life needed for the corresponding corpse's re-animation.

All in all I feel that the symbolism behind this ritual to be sound, however I believe that for it to truly work it would have to be fueled by not only a great deal of power but also a potent will.


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