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Saturday, October 31, 2009

MLAAW: Ghost Stories

Good Day, True Believers!

Today many of us are celebrating Samhain, a time when the barrier that separates the world of men and the realm of the spirits weakens. Traditionally this is a time when the dead can more easily communicate with us, divinations are performed, and spirits are put to task for good or ill.

With this in mind, I'd like to share with you a few of my own true encounters with ghosts. So draw the shades, light a candle, and come a little closer.......


In 1999, I was living in my first home and working in the cotton mill when a friend of mine from work gave me a 'haunted' chandelier. This co-worker had a reputation for telling tall tales, so I took the chandelier thinking that there was nothing to her story.

The chandelier sat in my hallway for a while and I didn't notice anything at first. However after my boyfriend at the time installed the chandelier in my hallway (it had the highest ceiling in the house) I started noticing things would move from where I left them. For example, my glasses wouldn't be on my nightstand in the morning, or my shoes wouldn't be by my chair, etc... In other instances, I made some soup and could find only forks in my house!

One night, I was sleeping in bed when I woke up to see someone standing in my hallway. The figure was dressed in a white robe and pointed-hood that I thought looked very similar to a klansman. He turn to walk away and motioned with his head for me to follow him. I actually got out of bed and walked halfway across the room before I realized what I was doing and went back to bed. Later when telling this story at work a lay-preacher told me that the ghost was leading me to treasure. He told me that the next time I saw the ghost I should ask it "Who is the son of God?" and if the ghost had evil intentions it wouldn't be able to utter the name of Jesus.

I never actually saw the ghost again, but I did start talking to it and even gave him a name. Once I started giving him attention, he settled down and stopped pranking me. Eventually I moved out of that house and left the chandelier. I don't know what became of it.


After becoming more and more open about my beliefs and practices as a Witch, people I began drawing people to me with similar interest. I met another witch at work who I'll call Samantha and who had been a student of Gavin and Yvonne Frost in the 70's. Although I had no respect for the teachings of the Frosts, I got along well with this woman and we had several adventures. Samantha, her boyfriend Darren and I made several trips to 40 Acre Rock, a nature preserve located in Lancaster South Carolina where many people hike and which is also steeped in superstition and occult lore.

It was on one of these hikes that I found a whole, in tact turtle shell, my totem, at the mouth of a bear-cave and where I left an offering of my own hair in return for the shell. 40 Acre Rock is also home to one of the many 'cry-baby' bridges steeped in legend. It is said that very late at night you can hear the cries of an infant from this bridge and see the ghost of the mother searching for her baby.

I also found a pentagram and some runic symbols spray painted on the bridge just under a tall willow tree. There was also evidence that rituals had been practiced on this bridge. Darren pointed out a tree where the body of a hanged man had been found in the mid 1980's.

The highlight of one of our excursions was a visit to the Devil's Stomping Ground, an area located on 40 acre rock similar to a crop circle about 40 feet across. Although there are plants and insects, outside the circle, there are no signs of life inside this circle of sterile soil. The name of this circle derives from the belief that on this spot is where the devil's contemplates his evil intentions. It should be noted that this is only one of several places known as the Devil's Stomping Ground in the United States.



Ruins of Old Sheldon Church- Located between Yemassee and Gardens Corner the historic ruins are all that remain of one of the South's most beautiful churches. Completed in 1748, the church was burned by the British in 1780 and by Sherman's army in 1865. The Episcopal Church of Prince William Parish has an annual service hold amidst the ruins on the second Sunday after Easter. ----From a Postcard in my Personal Collection

In 2004, I was living in historic Beaufort South Carolina and living with room-mates who were very interested in the scientific aspect of ghost-hunting. As a practicing witch and psychic, I often tagged along on their expeditions to various places of note in the Beaufort area. One of our favorite places to visit was the ruins of Old Sheldon Church.

The church was widely know for being haunted. One local legend I collected during my time there concerned an elderly woman who left church one night to walk home by the light of a lantern and who never made it home. Nobody knows what happened to her. On clear nights you can spot the light on her lantern on the road but no matter how fast you drive or for how long, you'll never catch up to that light on the road or find its source. It seems to me that the woman's name was Dot, but I also heard her called the Lantern Lady.

Photographs taken at the church always yielded multiple orb, shadows, and evidence of other spectral beings. After having seen the movie White Noise, the group wanted to experiment with the EVP (electronic voice phenomenon), a process by which disembodied voices are captured on tape. These voices are believed to be the spirits of the dead, who are attempting to communicate with the living.

We arrived at the church around midnight and gathered in the section of the churchyard where there are several graves. Everyone followed me as I intuitively chose a grave on which to set the recorder. I began the device and asked that if there were any spirits that were about to please make their presence known to us. The remainder of the group began taking photographs on their digital cameras as I followed keeping my senses open and directing them where to take photographs.

After about 45 minutes we returned to the unattended recorder stopped the tape and returned to the car. Inside the car, the tape was rewound and then played. We listened to the portion of the tape where I invoked the spirits to make their presence known and immediately after I finished the invocation, we could hear very heavy breathing. The breaths sounded to me like an asthmatic person trying to catch their breath. Then we could clearly hear the phrase.....GEEEET OUUUUUUTTTT! before the voice went silent again.

Happy Halloween True Believers!

Carolina Dean


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Anonymous said...

My daughter, 2 nephews, my girlfriend and i went to Old Sheldon Church one night last summer. We did not have any emf or evp detectors but we did have a digital camera, so me and my nephews went inside the church by the brick pulpit and asked if someone was here please give us a sign. We could swear we heard knocking on the walls but really had no way to prove it. My girlfriend was in front of the church taking pictures of us, while she was taking them her and my daughter kept getting very strange feelings but she continued taking pictures anyway. In one photo you can clearly see me standing in the church and another person standing to the right of me wearing all white and appears to have dark hair, but the problem is there should not have been anyone else there except for the people mentioned. What bothers me is that the figure is so clearly seen i believe most people would think it was another person. If you would like to see the pic, you can contact me at