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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Anti-Stress and Protection Mojo Bag

Here is an anti-stress and protection mojo bag I created for a former co-worker who was under a great deal of stress as well as the victim of gossip and back biting from jealous peers. It contains...

Peony, which guards the mind, body and spirit.
Rue, which clears the mind and improves mental processes
Anise Seed which wards off the evil eye (jealousy) and negates its effects
Cloves which drives away hostile and negative forces
Sandalwood chips which promote peace
High John the Conquerer Root for personal power
Individual's Personal Concerns

These items were placed in a red flannel mojo bag in the light of a white human-figural candle loaded with a portion of the person's personal concerns and anointed with High John the Conqueror Oil. It was smoked in sandalwood incense and the 91st Psalm was prayed over the bag.

After the individual had the bag for three days she reported that she was stress-free and the gossip about her had ceased.

Carolina Dean

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