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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chinese Dispossession Spell

As in other parts of the world, the Chinese once believed that disease was caused by evil spirits, and that only by driving out the spirit could the person recover good health.

One such method to drive out evil spirits, called coining, consisted of dipping a coin in eucalyptus oil and heating it on an open flame. The coin was then dragged over the individual's body. The process was very painful, however, it was the pain that was believed to drive out the evil spirits.

This belief was not exclusive to the Chinese, in Colonial America mentally handicapped people were beaten to 'drive out the devil." Similar beliefs were hold in other parts of the world at various times.

A modern version of the rite given consist of having the individual give the worker a coin (traditionally a dime from their year of birth) from his own pocket. The coin is dressed with Blessing Oil and held in the workers hands as s'he prays over the coin for the individuals healing. When the coin is warm to the touch from the worker's prayer and energy, the coin is placed on that part of the boy that requires healing energy.

This can be repeated as necessary. When the rite is completed the individual can then carry the coin as an amulet against disease. This process can be performed in conjunction with the burning of candles, incense, egg-cleansings, etc...

Carolina Dean


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