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Friday, November 20, 2009

Witch Crafting: Macaroni Sigil Magick

Tonight, I babysat a friends sons while she went Christmas shopping. They were not content to sit quietly and watch cartoons, so I was forced to be creative. Their mother being a witch, they are somewhat familiar with certain magical concepts, so I decided to teach them macaroni sigil magic. This is a fun craft that you can do with your own children, it's fun, easy. Best of all its an excuse to spend some quality time together with your child.

STEP ONE: Decide on a goal for your sigil. This is an excellent opportunity to help your child deal with a current issue or problem such as being a better student, or a fear of the dark. Since I am using the Kameas, or Magic Squares to make my sigil, I reduced my desire to a single word HUSBAND.

STEP TWO: Using the numerological chart below, find the numbers which correspond to each of the letters in your key word.

STEP THREE: Add up all the numbers corresponding to the letters in your keyword. Reduce these numbers to a single digit, called the Quintessential Number.

STEP FOUR: Choose a Magic Square that corresponds to your goal. I chose to create my husband sigil on the Square of Venus because this planet corresponds to love, romance, and pleasure. To begin drawing my sigil, I drew a square around the Quintessential Number. Since 6 (which coincidentally corresponds to The Lovers in the Tarot) is the Quintessential Number of Husband I drew a square around the number 6.

Next, draw a circle around the first number in the order of your keyword. Since Husband begins with H and that letter corresponds to 8, I drew a circle around 8. Draw a line from the circle to the next number in the sequence, and the next number, and the next number until all the numbers are connected. When you are done, draw a line as in the top of a capital T to mark the end of the sequence.

STEP FIVE: Print your sigil out on a large piece of construction paper. Then glue dried macaroni over the sigil using the print out as a guide.

STEP SIX: When the glue dries, you can embellish it to your liking. Here are a few ideas for you to try.

a) Use a color of paint that matches your goal. As in the above example, I may paint the sigil red for love, or blue to represent a male.
b) When choosing your paint, consider the color of your construction paper and try to choose a complimentary color. For example, if you created your sigil on red construction paper, you may want to paint your sigil pink.
b) You may wish to add a few drops of a condition oil which matches your goal to your glue or paint.
c) In addition, you may also want to sprinkle some magical powders into your paint or glue.

Unfortunately I don't have any paints or glitter in the house at this time, so I am presently unable to embellish my sigil.

STEP SEVEN: At this point there shouldn't have to be any focus on charging the sigil, a child's belief is very powerful and if they believe in the magic of the symbol this will suffice. Display the sigil on your refrigerator along with the child's other artwork, photos, etc... or place it in the child's room where they will see it often and where it will be a reminder of your child's goal and of the fun you had together. Let the child determine when to destroy the sigil, or put it away.

Carolina Dean

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