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Monday, January 4, 2010

How to Prepare Vigil Candles for Magic

Today I am going to share with you how I prepare Vigil, or Glass-Encased, candles for spells and magic. I can always order Vigil Candles from a reputable dealer, but I always like to buy local or work with what I have. Therefore, I will often purchase and use Vigil Candles from my local supermarket. Although some of these candles come plain with no label, they often have images of Saints such as St. Expedite or The Virgin of Guadalupe on them.

In these cases I will often remove them by placing the candle in a tall glass of water overnight. The following morning the label will fall off of the candle and leave no remains of glue or paper. Once I have the old label off, no offense to St. Expedite, I dry it off with a cloth and then wipe it down with a bit of ammonia to cleanse it of any and all previous energies. Once this dries completely, I glue my new label to the candle. As you can see, today I will be making a Money Drawing Candle.

Once the glue dries on the new label, I gather my equipment and materials including the herbs and oils that I will use. The first thing I do is combine my herbs in my mortar and grind them to as fine a powder as I can. In the photo below you can see ground cinnamon, irish moss, and chamomile. In addition I have carefully gathered some magnetic sand from my lodestone and added it to my powdered herbs.

Now, using a Philip's head screw driver used soley for candle-magic, I bore four holes at equidistant point around the center of the candle four being a number of stability. You don't have to use four holes, this is simply my preference. Some workers use six holes owning to the six points of the Star of David, and some workers use three holes (for manifestation), and still some workers use only one hole. Whatever you decide to do, I suggest that you use the same number of holes each time as it will become a part of your personal ritual.

The next thing I do is put about three drops of condition oil in each hole. I then carefully fill each of the holes with my chosen herbs. This is where I prefer to use herbs in their powdered form as they are much easier to get into the hole then coarser herbs. From time to time you will have to push the herbs down further into the hole and this is where the screwdriver comes in again. I've found that in some cases, I can put a bit of the powdered herbs in the candle place my hand over the top and gently shake the candle back and forth the herbs will simply fall down into the hole. When the holes are about halfway full, I place another three drops of oil in them, and another three drops when the hole is filled for a total of nine drops of oil in each hole.

Once the holes are filled, I then use something to anchor the herbs with. In the case of my Money Drawing Candle I used a hole dried chamomile flower which is roughly the size of a dried pea. I pushed one in each of the holes sealing in the herbs and oil. Other items I could have used to anchor the herbs and oils include, but are not limited to small chunks of lodestone, or pyrite.

Finally I anoint the rim of the candle and the wick with my chosen oil while making my prayer or petition.

The candle can then be lit and burned on your altar or shrine.

Things to Keep in Mind

Before beginning, turn off the television/radio, take your phone off the hook and eliminate all distractions. You want all of your attention to be on the task at hand and not be worried about who's sleeping with who on your soap opera or what the gross national product of Indonesia was in 1943.

Make sure you have everything you need before you sit down to make your candle. I was taught that once you sit down to start the process of fixing up your candle, you don't get back up till you're done. If you find that you've forgotten something you either leave it out, or don't do the spell or make the candle at that time.

In addition to herbs, you can place the personal concerns of the person the candle is to effect in the holes as well. I often make a point to save my toe-nails and whiskers for this purpose. I have also seen cases where a photograph of the person or person's the candle is to have an effect on has been glued to the candle on the opposite side of the label.

Once made, these candles can be burned in conjunction with special incense for the same purpose. You can place your hand-written petition under the candle as well.

Carolina Dean

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