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Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Spell to Attract Those of Like Mind

A Spell to Attract Those of Like Mind

Note: This spell was written to be performed by myself and two members of my coven in order to attract potential new members to our group after the departure of one of our members who is in the military and who was transferred to a base outside the United States.

Preliminary: On a small scrap of paper write down the qualities that you desire in a potential new member to the coven. Be as specific or general as you like.

To begin, form a triangle of manifestation with drawing powder and mark the three points with white candles. In the center of the triangle, place the cauldron of transformation. Place the herbs known as cloves, basil, and sage inside the cauldron.

The candles are lit and then each person reads the qualities that they have written down, painting a picture of the type of person they would like to draw into the coven. When done, they light the paper on fire from their candle and drop it in the cauldron.

When all three parties have read and burned their petition papers, raise power with the following incantation.

“As these words of ours are spoken,

the circle is open but unbroken;

we now draw those of like mind,

who shall their way to us now find!”

The candles are allowed to burn themselves out and then the herbs and ashes are buried at the covenstead.

Carolina Dean

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