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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chants of a Lifetime

The Spell that Changed My Life Forever

Picture it. South Carolina, 1989. I was just a shy, lonely boy who was different. I knew I was different, but I never felt safe putting a name to it. My peers knew I was different too. Unfortunately, they didn't mind giving a name to that thing that made me different from everyone else. Sissy, faggot, homo.......not a day went by that someone at some point didn't feel the need to remind me how I was different from the other boys.

My only reprieve it seemed that there were other people in school who were different too. (just different in a different way) so when I wasn't the target of bullying someone else was. Nonetheless, those times were few and far between, I was the most popular target it seemed and it made my life hell. 

Then one day I was in Mrs. Boulware's study hall reading magazines. I came across a story in the Weekly World News titled Secret Chants to Bring You Money, Love, Health, and Happiness! The story claimed that these chants had been found in the ruins of an ancient monastery. At that time I had a strong interest in magic and the supernatural, although I had yet to undertake a serious study of the subject. Once of the spells/chants interested me in particular. It read:

To Bring Happiness

"Repeat the words Lo-an-an Ta Fa Ri once every day for seven days. Use a soft, melodious voice and think happy thoughts as you chant. You should find your life more joyous and fullfulling."

I was so unhappy with my life, I was willing to try anything. I set about to perform the ritual and quickly discovered a bit of information that they writer of the story left out. The week that you perform this ritual will probably be the worst fucking week of your life! BUT....if you can get through that week.....your life will get better

At least that's what happen to me. After the week was over things got better. People picked on me less, I started to make friends, I grew less shy. In addition, since that time no matter what has happened to me in matter how bad things have gotten....things just have had a way of working out.

Of course there was, in all likelihood, no truth to the story whatsoever and the writer probably fabricated all the chants herself.  But that's what made my experience so much more magickal. My sincere belief in the efficacy of the chants and my strong desire to bring happiness into my life created the magic that produced results!

Even after 21 years, my belief in this spell is so strong that I absolutely refuse to repeat the ritual a second time for fear that it would undo the original spell. I know that sound silly, if this blog entry has taught us anything it is not to discount the power of belief. It is only after a great deal of thought and meditation that I've decided to share this information with my readers know because I know that at one time or another we all feel alone and powerless but I also know that you never need to feel that way again. 

Carolina Dean 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Techno-Witchery: How to Turn Your Cell Phone Into a Talisman!

To begin, design a sigil or choose an already existing talisman (such as a one of the Seals of Solomon, a VeVe, etc.). Once you have your chosen symbol, upload it to your computer (if it isn't already on there) and then email it to your cell phone. From there, make the symbol your wallpaper. And (I know you're not supposed to begin a sentence with and, but its my blog dammit)  you're done! 

Bingo! Now you have a modern talisman  for modern times. Each time you plug in your cell phone to charge its batteries, take a few minutes to visualize that energy also charging your talisman with power! You can augment this process with the burning of candles and/or incense, chanting, visualization, et. all... as per your personal practices. 

However, one word of caution, (ok my legal department is making me include this statement) I would refrain from attempting to anoint the cell phone with conditions oils or holy water because of the possibility that it could damage the internal parts and void your warranty. 

Carolina Dean


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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

For Scrying In Fire

In in stars or cards you cannot find, 
the answers you seek or read their signs;
then feed the fire a handful of these, 
rosemary, cinnamon and bay leaves. 

As smoke dances and flames dance, 
stare into the flame as if entranced;
seek in the fire a shape or form, 
that bodes happiness or of trouble forwarns...

Carolina Dean

Monday, April 12, 2010

To Shed Anger

Note: As many of my readers know, it has long been a practice of mine to take an event, thought, or idea from my day and write about it in a magickal way. Today, I find that I'm very angry and am experiencing a sense of defeat. For, at least, the past year my car has been in and out of the shop (actually two different shops) with basically the same problem. 

Last Thursday I got my car back after it being in the shop for 1 day short of three weeks and at the cost of over $850.00. I drove my car to work and home again on Friday. It did fine. I didn't go anywhere this whole weekend. I drove to work today and it did fine. Driving my car home today it began exhibiting the same symptoms as before! In short, MY CAR IS NOT FIXED!  In other words DEAN MAD! DEAN SMASH!!!!


Prick your finger and anoint a silver candle with 3 drops of your blood. Embed 3 nail pairings and 3 hairs from your head in the wax. 

Light the candle and focus on releasing your anger and chant:

"I find that I am in danger, 
of losing myself to my anger;
by candle flame my anger wanes, 
that peace of mind may be regained!"

Continue to focus on the melting candle as you chant the last two lines for as long as you feel the need.

Carolina Dean 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Upside-Down Spell

A Lesson in Perspective

Have you ever known someone who's gotten too big for their britches? They aren't necessarily a bad person, they've just gotten an over-inflated ego and need to be taught a lesson in humility. Well that's exactly what this hex is designed to do.

To perform this hex you will need:

The Hanged Man
(taken from a deck of Tarot Cards)
Four Black Candles
A Cauldron
Peppermint Oil
Rubbing Alcohol
Black Permanent Marker

To begin, anoint the four candles with Peppermint Oil and place them in a rough square with the cauldron in the center. Light the candles and place the Hanged Man before you. Using the black marker, write the name of the targeted individual on the card as you focus on the lesson they need to learn.

When you are done, anoint the four corners and center of the Tarot Card with the Peppermint Oil. Place the card in the cauldron and sprinkle it with the dried herbs. Sprinkle the card with some rubbing alcohol and then using one of the black candles light the card of fire, chanting:

Your view of life I find quite sick,
& do not like what makes you tick;

take this wo/man so tightly wound,

and turn her/his life upside down!"

Hold your focus until the card has been completely extinguished then let the candles burn down on their own. When the four candles are spent, scatter the ashes into a wind which is moving away from you and let the magick do its work.

Carolina Dean

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Devotion of the Witch's Pyramid

I came to my blog to approve a comment on an older post earlier this morning and I noticed that I had posted only one blog for the entire month of March! Looking back over the last few weeks I realize how much I've gotten away from some of my daily practices such as writing, devotions, and even observing the Esbats and Sabbats.

My energy wanes in the Winter months, so it is not unusual for me to be less active; but this past few months have also been particular stressful with me dealing with work issues, trying to get my car fixed (I've been having problems with that thing for almost a year), and getting my group organized.

Now, with Spring upon us my energy is returning and I can see balance in the distance drawing ever closer. So in the next few days I want to (re)explore some of the ways that we as Wiccans/Pagans/Witches can connect with the Divine. One of the ways that we can connect with Spirit is through the use of Devotions.

Devotions are brief rituals performed throughout the day in order to reconnect and/or commune with Spirit. The most common times to perform devotions are:
  • Upon rising
  • Noon
  • Sunset
  • Before sleep
  • Before meals
  • Before a magickal working
  • Before a Ritual

Whereas it may not be possible for anyone to spend a great deal of time on performing devotions each day, it can be done. Devotions should not be rushed. Although some are quite brief, they must include enough time for you to ground and center, perform the devotion, then ground and center again.

In performing your devotions, it is important to remember that you are controlling the energies around you and are not to use your own energies. Devotions should always raise your energy level and leave you feeling refreshed.

Today I want to share a devotion I wrote as part of a class in Advanced Wicca. The assignment was the write our own version of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) and perform it over the course of one Moon cycle and then write about our experiences.

I chose to write a version of the LBRP based on the Witches Pyramid, which is also known as the Four Powers of the Magus. Rather than explain the Witches Pyramid to you, I'll let you do your own research (today's witches just seem to want everything handed to them). However, I will share a brief poem I wrote that may prove insightful.

The Witches Pyramid

The Witches Pyramid is made of four sides,

within it free will and love abides;

a witch does all things from a place of love,

in the names of the Lord and Lady above.

As a witch you are adjured to know,

for through knowledge is power bestowed;

and to thine own self be true,

in every thought, word, and deed you do.

You must also strive to dare,

for inaction brings nothing to bare;

and from the yoke of your fears break,

that you may always control your fate.

You must learn to will,

that you may all your desires fulfill;

and by right of your spark divine,

your way to your true will find.

And finally, you must silent keep,

for what you sow, you’ll surely reap;

and power gained by deviltry,

is wisdom’s bitter enemy.

Devotion of the Witches Pyramid

This ritual accomplishes the same purpose as that of Casting the Circle and Calling the Quarters, and can be performed prior to workings of magick, meditations, path-working, or devotions. In addition, it can be performed as a devotion in and of itself.

To begin, face East, touch your forehead and say, "To Know."

Touch your solar plexus and say, "To Dare."

Touch your right shoulder and say, "To Will."

Touch your left shoulder and say, "To Keep Silent."

Bring your hands together as in prayer and say, "Love is the Law, Love Under Will."

Facing East, use your athame and draw an invoking pentagram in the air and say, "Air."

Draw a line to the South, draw an invoking pentagram in the air and say, "Fire."

Draw a line to the West, draw an invoking pentagram in the air and say, "Water."

Draw a line to the North, draw an invoking pentagram in the air and say, "Earth."

Face East again, ground and center, then say:

"Before the Winds of Knowledge

Behind me the Springs of Eternal Love

On my right hand the Flames of Power

On my left hand the Mountains of Manifestation

For about me flames the pentagrams

and within me shines the light of God"

To begin, face East, touch your forehead and say, "To Know."

Touch your solar plexus and say, "To Dare."

Touch your right shoulder and say, "To Will."

Touch your left shoulder and say, "To Keep Silent."

Bring your hands together as in prayer and say, "Love is the Law, Love Under Will."

Carolina Dean