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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chants of a Lifetime

The Spell that Changed My Life Forever

Picture it. South Carolina, 1989. I was just a shy, lonely boy who was different. I knew I was different, but I never felt safe putting a name to it. My peers knew I was different too. Unfortunately, they didn't mind giving a name to that thing that made me different from everyone else. Sissy, faggot, homo.......not a day went by that someone at some point didn't feel the need to remind me how I was different from the other boys.

My only reprieve it seemed that there were other people in school who were different too. (just different in a different way) so when I wasn't the target of bullying someone else was. Nonetheless, those times were few and far between, I was the most popular target it seemed and it made my life hell. 

Then one day I was in Mrs. Boulware's study hall reading magazines. I came across a story in the Weekly World News titled Secret Chants to Bring You Money, Love, Health, and Happiness! The story claimed that these chants had been found in the ruins of an ancient monastery. At that time I had a strong interest in magic and the supernatural, although I had yet to undertake a serious study of the subject. Once of the spells/chants interested me in particular. It read:

To Bring Happiness

"Repeat the words Lo-an-an Ta Fa Ri once every day for seven days. Use a soft, melodious voice and think happy thoughts as you chant. You should find your life more joyous and fullfulling."

I was so unhappy with my life, I was willing to try anything. I set about to perform the ritual and quickly discovered a bit of information that they writer of the story left out. The week that you perform this ritual will probably be the worst fucking week of your life! BUT....if you can get through that week.....your life will get better

At least that's what happen to me. After the week was over things got better. People picked on me less, I started to make friends, I grew less shy. In addition, since that time no matter what has happened to me in matter how bad things have gotten....things just have had a way of working out.

Of course there was, in all likelihood, no truth to the story whatsoever and the writer probably fabricated all the chants herself.  But that's what made my experience so much more magickal. My sincere belief in the efficacy of the chants and my strong desire to bring happiness into my life created the magic that produced results!

Even after 21 years, my belief in this spell is so strong that I absolutely refuse to repeat the ritual a second time for fear that it would undo the original spell. I know that sound silly, if this blog entry has taught us anything it is not to discount the power of belief. It is only after a great deal of thought and meditation that I've decided to share this information with my readers know because I know that at one time or another we all feel alone and powerless but I also know that you never need to feel that way again. 

Carolina Dean 


Anonymous said...

it's so sad when children tease others..for any reason...I had been in public schools all life, and from one school to another they picked on different ones. The worse case of this was when we moved to Florida in 57 I was 10 then, starting the 5th grade. I never knew how kids could be so mean. Any black kid was a target. We went to different schools at one point, and there were whites only signs everywhere. Coming from Mo. Fort Wood area to be exact, we had many races so black kids weren't any different than the whites, yellows browns or blacks. I don't remember any one picking on gay children,,,in fact I didn't know what gay meant. oh I had an uncle who was a bit on the feminin side, but he was raised with 9 females in the house. And he is gay. They say what doen't kill us makes us are certin proof of that. what a stong wise witch you are..and I'm proud to call you friend.

Carolina Dean said...

awwwwwwwwwwww Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carolina,
I really appreciate your printing these chants and your generosity to share them. I do have a question, actually you think that it was just you, who had to suffer the week of hell or everyone? And did you only do this once in your life, 21 years ago? Or have you done it again?


Carolina Dean said...

MM Anonymous and thanks for your comment.

The truth is I can only go by my experience as I don't know any other person who has undergone this ritual. Again, please also consider the source for this material (the weekly world news).

As I said in the entry I only did it the one time and even though the information stayed in the back of my mind for two decades I purposely sought to forget it out of fear that performing the ritual a second time would take away what it gave me the first time.

Should you choose to perform this yourself, perhaps your experience will be different...and if you do feel free to come back and let us know how it worked (or didn't) for you.