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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Techno-Witchery: How to Turn Your Cell Phone Into a Talisman!

To begin, design a sigil or choose an already existing talisman (such as a one of the Seals of Solomon, a VeVe, etc.). Once you have your chosen symbol, upload it to your computer (if it isn't already on there) and then email it to your cell phone. From there, make the symbol your wallpaper. And (I know you're not supposed to begin a sentence with and, but its my blog dammit)  you're done! 

Bingo! Now you have a modern talisman  for modern times. Each time you plug in your cell phone to charge its batteries, take a few minutes to visualize that energy also charging your talisman with power! You can augment this process with the burning of candles and/or incense, chanting, visualization, et. all... as per your personal practices. 

However, one word of caution, (ok my legal department is making me include this statement) I would refrain from attempting to anoint the cell phone with conditions oils or holy water because of the possibility that it could damage the internal parts and void your warranty. 

Carolina Dean


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wow this is great. and very versitle since you can do anything with sigils and we all carry our cells around. finally a pagan is using something in the more modern sense.