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Monday, April 12, 2010

To Shed Anger

Note: As many of my readers know, it has long been a practice of mine to take an event, thought, or idea from my day and write about it in a magickal way. Today, I find that I'm very angry and am experiencing a sense of defeat. For, at least, the past year my car has been in and out of the shop (actually two different shops) with basically the same problem. 

Last Thursday I got my car back after it being in the shop for 1 day short of three weeks and at the cost of over $850.00. I drove my car to work and home again on Friday. It did fine. I didn't go anywhere this whole weekend. I drove to work today and it did fine. Driving my car home today it began exhibiting the same symptoms as before! In short, MY CAR IS NOT FIXED!  In other words DEAN MAD! DEAN SMASH!!!!


Prick your finger and anoint a silver candle with 3 drops of your blood. Embed 3 nail pairings and 3 hairs from your head in the wax. 

Light the candle and focus on releasing your anger and chant:

"I find that I am in danger, 
of losing myself to my anger;
by candle flame my anger wanes, 
that peace of mind may be regained!"

Continue to focus on the melting candle as you chant the last two lines for as long as you feel the need.

Carolina Dean 


Anonymous said...

Last week was an angry week all the way around....there is nothing like car trouble to make it bubble up. Bill is having a u joint put in the truck today..and his bass boat motor is acting up and is all tore apart now...the part used is 100 smackers....which he will guarantee is it will work out...keep you cool or try

Carolina Dean said...

The good news is I have a 3 month warranty on the work. I'm going to drive the car until Monday and then take it back cause I got some running around to do this weekend (laundry, groceries, and stuff).

Thanks for letting me know it's not just me.