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Sunday, May 30, 2010

For the Return of Stolen Goods

Anoint a black candle with oil, stroking the candle towards yourself and calling your items back to you. Roll the candle towards yourself in a mixture of vervain and juniper berries, then impale it with nine pins reaffirming your desire with the insertion of each pin. 

Place the candle in a holder on top of a mirror. Light the candle and chant the spell below nine times:

Fire Flame & thief burn, 
till my goods are returned!

Allow the candle to burn itself out and inspect the remains for a clue as to the thieves identity or where your goods may be found. Perform the spell at the same time each day for a total of nine days, or until you goods are recovered, which ever comes first. 

If your goods are not recovered in nine days, wait nine days and then perform the ritual again. If after another nine days you haven't recovered your goods, wait another nine days and then perform the ritual for another nine days. If after this time you have not recovered your goods, chances are they will never be returned.

Carolina Dean

Friday, May 28, 2010

Bottle Spell to Break Through Obstacles

 This spell is based on a  candle spell  I once heard of utilizing gun powder in Road Opening work. On a piece of paper write down a brief description of the problem or the obstacle. Place this in a glass bottle. If you desire, you can place herbs known for breaking through obstacles such as Abre Comino, Lemon Leaves, Lemon Verbena, Black Pepper, Asafoetida, etc...

Fill the bottle with water and seal it shut. Hold your hands over the bottle, visualize the obstacle being broken apart. It helps me to narrow the obstacle down to one word such as depression, or poverty, etc...and visualizing the word being blown apart. Say:

 Element of water 
as you expand,
break through all locks, 
fetters, and bands
that conspire
to keep me from my desires!

Place the bottle in one or two ziplock bags and place them in the freezer. This will protect the other contents of your freezer from being damaged.  As the water turns to ice, it will expand and eventually break the bottle. When the bottle breaks, the obstacles before you will be broken also. 

Carolina Dean 


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Servitors and How to Create Them.

What is a Servitor?

A servitor is a constructed thought-form given 'life' by you to perform a specific task. Servitors are known by different names including Tulpas, Constructs, Fetches, Artificial Elementals, etc... Although the use of servitors is mainly found in the practice of Chaos and Ceremonial magick, the techniques used for their construction and programming can be utilized by any magickal practitioner. 

What Functions Do Servitors Serve?

Once created by you in a ritual ceremony, the servitor does whatever you program it do. Programming your servitor consists of three main steps. They are:
  1. Explaining the goal you wish the servitor to accomplish. 
  2. Providing the servitor with energy to accomplish the goal.
  3. Setting a time-limit in which the servitor should accomplish the goal after which they return to nothing.
In some instances, such as providing protection, servitors are not given a time limit. However, they should be monitored often to prevent the servitor from gaining its energy elsewhere and possibly turning on you. 

How Are Servitors Created?

There are many methods in which servitors are created, programmed, and utilized. However, there are some elements that most rituals will include, such as:
  1. A statement of intent 
  2. Naming the Spirit
  3. The creation of a sigil based on the name of the spirit.
  4. The charging of the sigil.
  5. Visualizing the servitor.
  6. Energizing the Servitor.
  7. Instructing the servitor. 
To give you a better idea of how to to create, program, and utilize a sigil I will now provide an example drawn from my own life and create a spirit for the purpose of producing a job that is just right for me.

 I will the manifestation of a job that is just right for me

All letters which repeat are then removed, leaving you with the following letters.


Which forms the basis for the naming of the spirit. To assist with pronouncing the name of the spirit I add the letter 'A'. Scrambling the letters around I decide on the name Warbug. I really like the name War-Bug for the spirit. It really is a war in the job market right now with several people often fighting for the same job and I want a spirit that will really fight for me and my success.

I envision war-bug as a kind of human/insect hybrid like a mishmash of a human being, a soldier-ant and a cockroach. War-Bug will take his orders and do what you ask him to do, and no matter what you do you can’t defeat him because he keeps coming back. He gets in everywhere and won’t let up till he gets the job done! 

Formulation of the sigil for Warbug

 W A R B U G
  5  1  9 2  3  7 =  27 = 9

The Sigil for Warbug is drawn on the Kamea of Jupiter (for success, money, growth). 

Next, to form a magickal link for the spirit I created its recreated its kamea, sigil, a drawing of its form, and its ultimate instruction on a piece of paper. 

This was printed on and cut out from a piece of paper. The paper was folder and glued so that the Kamea shows on the front and the instructions appeared on the reverse.

Since the spirit was concieved to correspond to the energies of Jupiter, I decided to create and program the Warbug on a Thursday, in the hour of Jupiter when the moon is Full.

Leading up to the day of the ritual I placed the Sigil Paper in the center of a Triangle of Manifestation, with candles at the three points of the triangle.

Each day for about a week, I lit the candles and visualized Warbug. I imaged what he would look like, his personality, etc... and fed energy into my thoughtform.

On the day of the ritual, I erected an altar facing East and on which I placed the Triangle of Manifestation, Incense, Illuminator Candles, and a ritual Sword.  In addition, I gathered together items which corresponded to my goal of getting a job. These items included gravel root, guinea peppers, dirt from my home, coins, kosher salt, a copy of my resume, etc....Finally I also laid out a special pot which will house these items along with the spirit when it is not working for me.

In the hour of Jupiter, I lit the illuminator candles and performed the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. I then lit the three candles at the points of the triangle. I lit the incense and then held the sigil paper its smoke , visualized Warbug, and called him to life, saying:

"I name you Warbug, you ARE Warbug! I charge you to find a job that is just right for me. To do this you will seek out correct opportunities and place those opportunities in my path. You will remove any competition I may have for the job in question and crush all obstacle in my path that may prevent me from getting such a job. You will draw energy from my desire to gain employment and from offerings I present to you. Once I am employed again you will return to nothingness."

I then placed the sigil paper in the pot followed by the items I chose to assist Warbug in achieving his task. As each item was placed in the pot I explained its significance/symbolish and how it would help achieve my goal.

When I was done, I held the pot in my hands and fed energy into it through controlled breathing and visualization focusing the totality of my will on the task at hand. The pot was then placed back inside the Triangle of Manifestation where it remained until the three candles surrounding it were spent.

To conclude the ritual, I performed the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram again.

Working With Your Servitor

Once created and programmed, your servitor must be fed on a regular basis to keep it strong and working for you. Just like training a dog, or other pet, a servitor must be trained with positive reinforcement in the form of praise and attention, or reprimanded when appropriate. It is important that both you and the servitor maintain discipline so that the servitor remains focused on its task.

The vessel in which you place the spirit is called a spirit pot. The spirit pot is the place in which the spirit resides when it is not out working for you. It is the place where it returns for sustenance. In addition to feeding your spirit energy in the form of praise and admiration, you may also place burning candles near its pot or other offerings such as food or water.

While your servitor is working for you, it is important that you pay attention to any signs or omens that it places in your path. Acknowledge your servitor's good job with extra energy/praise, but if you feel that it is not working for you scold it and deny it its sustenance.

Once the servitor has acheived your goal, it will return to nothingness as you instructed. You must then deconstruct its house and ritually dispose of its contents. 

Carolina Dean 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

MIPC: Urim and Thummim

"Take these," said the old man, holding out a white stone and a black stone that had been embedded at the center of the breastplate. "They are called Urim and Thummim. The black signified 'yes,' and the white 'no.' When you are unable to read the omens, they will help you to do so. Always ask an objective question.

The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho
© 1993 softcover ed.  page 31

Commentary: Urim and Thummim is a phrase commonly associated with the breastplate of the Jewish High Priest. They are known to be objects which are held in the breastplate and which are associated with a system of casting lots mentioned in the bible (1 Samuel Chapter 14).

While there is no description as to the Urim and Thummim's form, it has been theorized that they are two dissimilar stones which can be distinguished from one another by their color, type of stone, or words which have been engraved upon them (1 Samuel 28:6).

Again, while the precise manner in which to operate the Urim and Thummim is largely unknown it has been theorized that the Urim (a white stone) represents 'no'; while Thummim (a black stone) represent yes. To use the stones, they are placed in a bag, a objective question is asked and a stone is drawn unseen from the bag.

It is interesting to note that the ancient Hebrews believed in only three forms of communication with God. They are through dreams, through prophets, and through Urim and Thummim. This would make Urim and Thummim the only form of divination sanctioned by the Judiasm, and therefore God.

Carolina Dean


My Review of The Alchemist

Monday, May 24, 2010

Dedicating a Candle Holder

Today I'm going to show you a trick that I learned from my teacher Cat Yronwode of the Lucky Mojo Curio Company. As magickal practitioners we all have candle holders in a variety of shapes and sizes and often have many candles burning at once. Once a candle has been burned in a candle holder it is usually cleaned and used again for a variety of purposes. 

Dedicating a candle-holder means choosing a holder and using it for one specific goal. There are two reasons why you may wish to dedicate a candle-holder. They are:

  1. The chosen goal is not expected to be achieved in a short amount of time. You will be burning many candles for this goal. Over time the candle holder will absorb the residual energy from your various burnings and can become a storehouse of energy to add to the power of your working.
  2. Due to privacy reasons, you cannot openly burn candles on an altar or shelf. You may live with those disagree with your beliefs, and who may actively attempt to sabotage them. Dedicating a candle-holder in the manner in which I will share below allows you to burn candles openly for magickal purposes without raising suspicions. 

To dedicate a holder you will need one whose bottom is lined with felt. Clean the holder by wiping it down with ammonia to remove any previous psychic energies. Gently and carefully peel back one section of the felt. Write your petition and fold is as per your usual practice. Fold it up and place it in  the base of the holder behind the felt and then glue the felt back. 

When you are done, you will then use the candle for only the purpose for which you wrote your petition.

Carolina Dean

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sun Sigil Spell For Fast Money

To perform this spell you will need:

Kamea of the Sun 
Pen and Paper 
Yellow Powder
Cinnamon Chips 
Irish Moss
Money Stay With Me Oil
Mortar and Pestle 


Begin by creating drawing a sigil of your name on the Kamea of the Sun. Next, combine the cinnamon chips, irish moss, and chamomile  in your mortar. Add three to three drops each of Fast Luck Oil, Money Drawing Oil and Money Stay With Me Oil, then grind the herbs deosil with your pestle while focusing on your goal. Say or chant:

Oh fiery herbs of solar power, 
I call on you to now empower;
this spell to draw wealth to me, 
as I will so mote it be!

When you are done, spread the herbs out on your candle-board and set this aside. Carve the sigil of your name from the Kamea of the Sun on one side of the Yellow-Candle, and on the other side write the words Prosperity and Abundance.

Thoroughly dress, or anoint, the Yellow-Candle with a trifecta of Fast Luck, Money Drawing and Money Stay With Me Oils. Once your candle is slathered with oil, roll it towards yourself over the candle board through the herbal mixture allowing the herbs to stick to the candle. As you roll the candle, call prosperity and abundance ot you. 

Place the candle in a holder with the Kamea of the Sun (on which you have drawn a sigil of your name) beneath the holder. Hold your hands over the candle about three inches and visualize solar energy shining down on the candle infusing it with power and chant the spell below three times. 

I call upon the sun's limitless power
to aid me in my darkest hour;
poverty threatens, my need is dire, 
bring abundance with your fire!

Light the candle and let the magick begin!

Carolina Dean

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Today and Yesterday: Hoodoo In the News

NOTE: Over 20 articles from the archives of newspaper all over the country ranging from the 1930's to the late 1990's.

Islanders Discount Root Magic

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Beaufort County's Gardening Past 

Family May Go to Jail Together

Negro is Slain by Clear Water Police Officer: "Doctor" Buzzard Shot to Death During Scuffle in Squad Car

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Voodoo Doll Helps End Triangle Involving Wife, Mate, and Pal

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Successful Writer Turns Housemaid

Graveyard Dirt Foils Bloodhounds

Colored" Conjure Student Tries it On Judge But it Doesn't Work

Conjure Man and Skunk Oil Really Exist in Far South

  A Conjure Doctor, A Black Cat, and a Black Man

Arrest Conjure Man in Farm Mystery

Tried to Conjure Court with Powders

Minus Magic Shirt, Conjure Man Slain

New York Drugstore, 107 Years Old, Sells Concur Dust and Love Potions

More to Witch-Doctoring than Hocus Pocus

Voodoo is on its Last Legs

Finagling the Citizenship Lottery

Friday, May 21, 2010

Spirit Dolls: Cleansing the Doll and Inviting the Spirit

I explained about Spirit Dolls and how to work with them in a previous entry. Today I would like to describe exactly how to cleanse a  doll, and invite in a spirit to assist you in your work. 

To begin, you will need a doll to act as the vessel for the spirit. This can be a store-bought doll, or one that you have made. You will also need to know if the doll will be dedicated to a specific goal or area of life such as love, prosperity, health, etc... or for general use. For the purposes of this blog, I will be using a Barbie Doll whose spirit will assist me in the area of love, romance and sex. 

Once you have your doll and know for which purposes you will be working with its spirit, you will have to cleanse it of any previous psychic connections. Fill a small basin with water, add an infusion of herbs known for their cleansings and love drawing properties. Bath the doll in the infusion just as you would bath yourself when performing a spiritual bath, beginning at the head and washing down and way from the body to remove negative conditions. Then, beginning at the feet wash up and towards the body to draw in the spirit. As you wash the doll, you may say an extemporaneous prayer or a bible verse.

When you have finished bathing the doll, set it aside on a clean towel to dry. When the doll is dried, smoke the doll in incense while praying for the spirit to enter. It is important that as you pray you focus on the type of spirit that you desire to work with and ask God (or your higher power) to send you only a benevolent spirit who agrees to work with you. Later, you will dispose of the bath water at a crossroads or a tree by throwing it over your left shoulder towards the east and walking away without looking back.

Continue to pray for the spirit to enter the doll. Keep in mind that this may or may not occur. In some cases it may occur and you will not realize till later. Look at the photo above, do you see the figure just above the doll's head looking down on the doll?

When the spirit enters the doll (see image above), redress the doll  Since many mass produced dolls often look exactly alike, many people will personalize the doll by giving it beaded necklaces, making special clothes, or pining jewelery to the doll in order to make it stand out from other dolls and give it its own personality.

Once you have personalized the doll, anoint it with oil. and place it on the altar. It should then be given offerings such as candles, food, candy, money---whatever you feel appropriate to the doll or what the doll communicates to you that it desires.

Once the spirit is attached to the doll, the process of bonding begins. I often keep my dolls near me the first few weeks. They sit with me while I am watching television, they will be next to me while I am at the computer, they will watch me cook in the kitchen, and they will sleep on a pillow beside me at night. I often talk to my dolls as if they were a flesh-and-blood individual and they will talk back. Spirit Dolls will communicate to you in various ways. They may enter your dreams, they may speak through your intuition, you may hear them with your physical ears, or they may place strong signs in your path, they may even speak to you through your divination tool.

Everyone has their own way of working with the dolls. I have heard one worker say to rub its chest or belly and look the doll in the eyes while making your special request or communicating your need. This process can be enhanced by the burning of candles or incense, playing mood music, etc…

Now with that being said, it is very important to remember that your Spirit doll is a helper, it is not a slave and it is not a genie. Just like we require certain things to operate in this world, they need certain things as well. It is important to treat them with respect, and show your gratitude for their assistance by making regular offering to them. Offerings vary from doll to doll but can consist of candles, incense, candies, powdered herbs, liquor, water, etc…the doll will often communicate to you any special offerings that it favors.

Sometimes you will work with a doll for many, many years, in other instances a doll will only work with you for a certain amount of time having the belief that it has nothing more to teach you or offer you. The spirit may leave the vessel and move on to another worker, or you may even be directed to give the doll to another individual. In some cases when the spirit departs, the doll will disappear as well or it may simply exit the vessel leaving the doll behind as a keepsake.

Working with Spirit Dolls requires a genuine commitment on your part. If you do right by your doll it will do right by you as well. However, if you abuse the doll or fail to live up to your promises, it will not work for you and may even leave you.

Carolina Dean

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hotei: The Laughing Buddha

Who is Hotei Buddha?

Depending on what legend you read, Hotei Buddha is either a Japanese God of Luck or a Zen Monk known for his cheerful and generous nature. To further complicate matters, Hotei Buddha (also known as the Laughing Buddha) is often confused with Guatama Buddha the founder of Buddhism. Presently, through a process called conflation, he encompasses all three beings on some level.

Hotei is traditionally depicted as a portly man dressed as a monk. His large stomach, which represents  abundance and prosperity, often protrudes from his robes. The word Hotei means 'cloth-sack' and the Laughing Buddha is often seen carry such a sack from which he removes food, money, or candy. He is often seen surrounded by children. Overall he is seen as a generous spirit of luck, prosperity, and happiness.

Images of the Laughing Buddha can be found at the entrances to Chinese Buddhist temples, as well as in many Chinese and Japanese restaurants. In addition many Root Doctors and Spiritual Workers will have images of him on their Wealth and Prosperity Altars. 

 Hotei Budda on my Prosperity and Money Altar 

Working with Hotei Buddha

There is a widespread belief that rubbing Hotei's belly will bring good luck and prosperity. As part of my daily practices, I light a candle on this altar each morning and rub his belly. I often pray the 23rd Psalm followed by a more specific petition or prayer (if I have one.) Candles are often dressed with a Prosperity, Money-Drawing, or Money Stay With Me Oil and the equivalent incense is burned as well. If I have accepted petitions for others their needs will also be addressed. 

Some people may find it odd to pray a Christian prayer to a non-Christian deity. The way in which I reconcile this is that when I pray The Lord is my Hotei at my money altar then that prayer is directed to Hotei himself and in that instance his is the Lord mentioned in the prayer. Although the 23rd Psalm is widely considered to be an all-purpose prayer. There are certain verses contained in the Psalm that really speak to prosperity and abundance such as:

  • I shall not want
  • He maketh me to lie down in green pastures
  • My cup runneth over
  • Goodness and Mercy shall follow me all the days of my life

Hotei is surrounded by symbols of prosperity such as Maneki Neko, a piggy bank, and dried rice. In addition I have a large green bowl of trained hunting money on top of which is a large lodestone fed daily with magnetic sand. There are several smooth, flat stones around the altar on which you will find gems, coins, and other curious such as pyrite. These items are believed to draw in money and prosperity, and placing them on these stones represent building your fortune on a solid foundation. A Boss-Fix Honey Jar can also be found on the altar for continued employment and contentment on the job.

Other items on the altar include a Wishbone, a Rabbit's Foot, a Gold-Plated Elephant with Trunk Raised (facing my front door), and images drawn from the Tarot. The box on which the Maneki Neko statue sits also contains a Money Drawing Mojo Bag when it is not being carried, or fed.

Every other week I make offerings of apples to Hotei in thanksgiving for my blessings. A shot glass of fresh water is kept on the altar and is renewed every day. Finally, as a person who enjoys comedy and jokes I consider my own laughter an offering to this happy and generous figure.

Carolina Dean


Move Buddha? From the Archives of the Miami News, 1981
Buddha as a Luck Bringing Deity in a Non-Buddhist World

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Care and Feeding of Your Mojo Bag

In my last entry, I shared a recipe for a mojo bag. Today, I would like to expand a little on that subject by sharing some insights on the care and feeding of your mojo bag. Please note that not all spiritual workers will agree with the directions that I am sharing with you, as each worker has his or her own methods. The method I am sharing with you is what I was taught and which I have found to work for me.

Smoking and Feeding

Part of activating, or waking up, a mojo bag includes smoking and feeding the bag accompanied by the recitation of prayers/petitions. To smoke your bag, hold it in the smoke of burning incense. Like conditions oils, the incense you use typically corresponds to your goal. For example, if you are making a mojo to win  a lawsuit, you may wish you use Court Case Incense Powder. To feed your mojo bag, simply place a drop of condition oil, or whiskey on the bag.

Once your mojo is fixed, it should be carried on you for the first week and you should sleep with it near you at night. After the first week, you may continue to carry it on you during the day, or you may put it away in a secret place.

It should also be fed each day for a total of seven days and at the same time it was originally fixed, if possible. After that week, feed the mojo once a week for four weeks on the same day of the week that it was made. After that month, it should then be fed once a month when the moon is new. 

Why are Mojo Bags Smoked?
A mojo bag is more than just an accumulation of herbs, and curios in a bag. A properly fixed and prepared mojo bag is believed to be a living entity. The act of preparing and fixing a mojo bag can be compared to creating life. Think of the individual ingrediants in a mojo bag as tiny cells that when come together create the body of a baby. The act of smoking the mojo bag awakens the spirit of the bag and brings it to life. 

In some instances, spiritual workers follow God's example in Genesis 2:7 and literally breathe life into their mojo bag by blowing their own breathe into the bag, then sealing is shut. I've also heard some workers instruct others to light a match and drop it into the bag, symbolizing the spark of life, however this is not my practice.

Why are Mojo Bags Fed?

Mojo bags are believed to be the physical manifestation of a spiritual entity and therefore alive. All living beings require sustenance to live and mojo bags are no different. The act of feeding your mojo keeps it alive and strong to work for you and help bring about your goal. 

Naming Your Mojo Bag 

This aspect of  fixing and preparing a mojo is seldomly touched upon, but I feel that it is important that it is addressed. As I stated above, the act of preparing and fixing a mojo bag is alot like the act of giving birth. A properly prepared and fixed mojo bag is believed to be a living being, your spiritual ally, and as such it should have a name just like all other living beings. 

You can either name your mojo yourself, or it may communicate its name to you during the processes of making the mojo bag. Once you know the name of your mojo bag, use that name when addressing the bag communicating your needs or asking for its assistance.

Caring for Your Mojo Bag 

You should never allow another person to see or touch your mojo bag as it is believed that it will kill the power of the bag. If this occurs, you have two choicess

  1. Bury the entire bag with honor. 
  2. Open the mojo bag and set any undamaged hard items aside such as roots, lodestones, coins, etc... Discard any items that are damaged or worn. Wash the re-usable items with Whiskey or Hoyt's Cologne and use them to make a new mojo bag. 
Over time, a mojo bag can become worn and may need to become refreshed. This is traditionally done around the Fall Equinox and entails taking the mojo bag apart, saving hard curios, replacing leafy/dried herbs. The contents are then reassembled into a new mojo bag accompanied by prayer and followed by smoking and feeding the mojo. 

Carolina Dean 

Note: The mojo in the photo above is an old, unused one which I keep in order to stage photos for my blog, websites, etc..

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Mojo Hand to Get & Keep a Job

Note: Rather than spell out the entire procedure for fixing up this mojo hand, I'll give you the basic recipe and a recommended list of spiritual supplies that you may wish to use in its making as well as other helpful advice on the matter.

  1. Whether you quit, were laid-off, or fired from your previous job----losing one's means of income can be a very traumatic experience. It is a good idea to undertake a cleansing, such as a spiritual bath or Egg Roll,  before undertaking the work of finding a new job to let go of any negative feelings (betrayal, resentment, etc...).
  2. If you left your work due to a hostile work environment, or after having a difficult working relationship with your boss or co-workers I would also suggest obtaining and lighting a few Reversing Candles and praying the 37th or 52nd Psalms for protection from the slander and backbiting of your enemies. 
  3. If you are a member of any social networking group, such as Myspace or Facebook, do not bad mouth your previous company or co-workers online. Potential employers often use these sites to investigate applicants. In fact, it is best if you adjust your account settings so that it is not public and only your online friends can view your page. 
  4. If you submit a cover letter, an employment application or resume online, DO NOT use or provide an email account that is connected to your social networking sites. Do not make it easy for potential employers to  discover information about you that may prevent you from getting an interview. Instead, create an entirely new email account for this purpose. Try to obtain an email address for yourself that sounds professional and avoids silly names. 
  5. When folding your resume or cover letter for mailing make sure you fold it towards yourself and call the job to you as you do.
  6. Lightly draw a small rune or sigil for luck , success, or prosperity on the envelope and then cover it with your stamp.
Suggested Timing

  • Moon Phase: New to Waxing
  • Day: Thursday or Sunday
  • Hour: Jupiter, or the Sun 
  • Other:  1) At Sunrise when both clock hands are Rising. 2) When the tide is coming in.

Keep in mind that certain days of the week are also associated with specific professions, so you may want to choose another day and hour depending on the type of job you are seeking. For example, Wednesday is ruled by the planet Mercury which is associated with communication and writing, but also trade and commerce. Therefore if you are attempting to get a job as a writer, journalist, or customer service agent, you may wish to fix your mojo on a Wednesday in the hour of mercury.

The Recipe:

High John the Conqueror Root 
Cinnamon Chips 
Silver Dime 
Pecan Shells 
Gravel Root
Irish Moss
Your Petition

Suggestions for Your Petition:
  1. Write a brief paragraph outlining what you are looking for in a job. Turn the paper sideways and write your name crossing this description nine times. 
  2. Write your name seven times cross and cover this with the words GOOD JOB in bold letters.
  3. Write your name three times, cross and cover this with the exact Job Title that you desire and then write your specific petition for this type of job in a circle around the name and job title. Make sure all the letters connect, for example bankmanagerjobcometome. You can spread this out in one long sentence, or write the statement over and over until it forms a circle. 
  4. To add some punch to your mojo bag, you may want to write your petition on a two dollar bill. Before folding the paper place at least one hair from your head in the center to further personalize your mojo. 

Spiritual Supplies Needed:

Steady Work Incense 
Steady Work Vigil Light(s)
Steady Work Bath Crystals
Steady Work Sachet Powders

Suggested Prayers

  1. Psalm 23- An all purpose prayer.
  2. Psalm 32- Calls love, grace and mercy upon those who pray it. It has been used by the unemployed to obtain a new job.
  3. Psalm 70- For fast results in matters of money.
  4. Psalm 112- To get a loan or job.


  1. Carry the mojo on you while you are looking for work and sleep with it near you at night. When you get a job, keep it in a safe place and remember to continue feeding and smoking it on a regular basis to keep your job. In my personal practice, I anoint a new mojo hand each day after it has been fixed for a total of seven days. I then anoint it once a week for an entire month and on the same day of the week that I originally fixed it and and then once a month at the new moon. 
  2. Sprinkle Steady Work Sachet Powders over cover letters, resumes, and employment applications before submitting them. Run your fingers through the powders making wavy snake lines, and then blow them off. DO NOT use oils as they will stain the paper, make your submission look un-professional, and may raise suspicions. 
  3. When you are granted an interview, be sure to find out the name of the person who will be interviewing you. Immediately perform a Sweet Spell, or improvised Honey jar spell, using the name of the person that is to interview you. 
  4. When you go to the interview, folklore says that you should put some salt in your pocket. At the most opportune moment, sprinkle or toss a little bit of salt on the person who is to interview you. They say if you can do this you will get the job. Presumably, the best time to do this is when the interviewer is escorting you to the interview room and no one is watching. If this is not possible, at least sprinkle the salt on the interviewer's chair if they happen to leave the room during the interview, or try to inconspicuously sprinkle some salt in the interview room before you leave. 
  5. While you are waiting to earn income, train the money you DO HAVE to bring in more to you. 
  6. Most importantly, keep a positive attitude and DON'T GIVE UP.

Carolina Dean


Hex and Spellwork, Karl Herr, © 2002
A Spiritual Worker's Spellbook, Draja Mickaharic, © 2002
Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic, Catherine Yronwode © 2002

Friday, May 14, 2010

Reversing Candles, How to Make Them and How to Use Them

What are Reversing Candles?

Reversing candles are a special type of candle which are comprised of two layers of wax. The inner layer is red, while the outer layer is black. They are used to send evil, curses, and general negativity back to the sender. When burned the inner red wax melts down on the black wax symbolically overcoming the evil.  Reversing candles come in a variety of shapes and sizes including Tapers, Jumbo Candles, Vigil Lights, and Human Figural Candles.  

How to Make a Reversing Candle

While you can certainly purchase Reversing Candles from a reputable seller, you also have the option of making your own. To make your own reversing candles, you will need:

Your Stove
Bread Pan
Tin Foil
Red Candles 
Black Candles
Sharp Knife/Cheese Grater
Dried Herbs (optional)
Sachet Powders (optional) 

Set your stove to warm and place a sheet of tin foil on your bread pan.  Using a knife or cheese grater (I suggest having a special one for just this purpose) remove the wick from the black candle(s) and cut/grate them up into tiny chunks on the tin foil. When you are done spread the pieces out evenly over the pan. 

Next, you can sprinkle dried herbs known for their reversing or protective qualities such as bay leaves, ginger, knot weed, devil's shoe string, red pepper, etc...You can also sprinkle specific sachet powders over the wax such as Reversing Sachet Powder.

Place the pan in the oven and closely monitor the wax. When it has melted, remove the pan from the oven. Just as the wax is beginning to cool, take your red candle and roll it in the wax (away from yourself) allowing the black wax to cling to the red.  You will have to roll the candle as many as four times allowing the black wax to cool a bit between rolls. When you are done place the candles aside and allow them to cool. 

How to Use Reversing Candles

To use a Reversing Candle to return evil back to its sender, take a sharp knife and cut the wick off the top portion of the candle, turn the candle upside down and carve a new tip on this end. This is sometimes called flipping or butting the candle. Next, carve the name of the enemy on the candle so that the letters are reversed (see illustration above). Anoint the candle with Reversing Oil, or lacking that use Olive Oil that you have prayed over for this purpose.

Set the candle in a holder and place the candle holder on a mirror. If you have a photograph of the enemy, write your petition on the back of the photograph and then place it under the candle-holder face down (so their evil will be reflected back to them). If you don't have a photograph, write a petition on a piece of brown grocery sack paper that you have cut into a square with scissors. 

Finally, light the candle and strongly pray that all the evil that has been directed at you be returned to its sender. When the candle has run its course you may inspect any left over wax for signs on the outcome of your work. 


Dispose of the ritual remains by burying them at a crossroads or tossing them in running water. Be sure to clean your tools (mirror, knife, candle holder, etc..) before using them again.

Carolina Dean 


Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic, Catherine Yronwode ©2002

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Egg Roll

What is the Egg Roll?

Also known as a Limpa, or spiritual cleansing, in the Curanderismo Tradition the Egg Roll is a form of  healing in which a fresh raw egg is ritually passed over a person's body. However, in other cases depending on the worker and what he or she has on hand a Limpia may be performed using smoke from a cigar, herbs, or branches from certain trees. The purpose of the ritual is to remove curses and blockages, take off negative spirits, and cure spiritual illnesses.

The Egg Roll can be performed by one individual for another, or it can be performed for one's self.  During the course of the procedure, the egg may or may not make physical contact with the individual's body. The worker may also make the sign of the cross over the individual's body at certain points in the procedure. As the egg is passed over the body the worker and/or the individual will often pray either out loud or silently. The prayer may be a traditional prayer such as Psalm 23, The Apostle's Creed, or an extemporaneous one. 

After the Egg Roll has been performed, the egg is cracked and its contents dropped into a clear glass of water. The yolk is then observed for signs of the outcome of the work. Common signs include blood, a discoloration, bubbles and threads. A certain level of experience is required to interpret the signs found in the yolk. The Egg Roll may have to be repeated several times for full effect, however many people see relief with only one treatment.

Performing the Egg Roll

When I performed this ritual for myself, I combined the basic procedure for the Egg Roll with techniques of Spiritual Bathing as found in the Hoodoo Tradition. I began my ritual by setting up two candles about 2 feet apart on the rim of my bathtub. I drew a warm bath to which I added dried Hyssop, Kosher Salt, and Ammonia (only a cap full). I then placed nine drops of High John the Conqueror Root Oil to the water.  Finally, I placed the Egg in the water so that the egg would not be so cold when I rubbed it on my body. 

When the bath was ready, I undressed and stood by my tub. Before getting in I calmed myself and said a prayer. Once in the tub, I used a ritual cup to pour water over my head several times, praying with each cupful of water. For example, 
"As the water runs down may it wash away the sins of the past. As the water runs down may it wash away the obstacles in my path. As the water runs down, may it wash away the negativity attached to me....." 

Next, I took the egg in my hands and said, (please note that my prayer was specific to my situation and if you perform this ritual to adjust your petition accordingly.)

"As I rub this egg over my body may I become as clean as this egg is white May my spirit shine as brightly as the golden yoke within. Lord, lift me out of the pit of darkness and into the light of your love. Set me on a fresh path free of obstacles and place opportunities in my path.  Grant me the vision to see these opportunities before me, grant me the courage to act, and the wisdom to make the best choices for me. In your name I pray. Amen"

Now beginning with the top of my head and moving down and away from me, I rubbed the egg all over my body in silent prayer (praying the 23rd Psalm). When I was done, I placed the egg aside. I then collected some of my bath water in my ritual cup in order to ritually dispose of it later and pulled the plug sending the water down the drain. I stood up with my back to the edge of the bathtub and uttered a final prayer. 

"Lord, I have performed this ritual in your name to cleanse me of negativity and remove the obstacles in my path. I ask your blessing in this. Amen."

I stepped backward out of the tub passing in between the two candles on the rim of my tub. I anointed myself with High John the Conqueror Root Oil and then dressed in clean clothes. At my altar I cracked the egg into a clear glass of water. After I examined the egg yolk, I disposed of it by pouring it at the base of a tree in my backyard. Later, I disposed of the bathwater I collected in my ritual cup at the crossroads by tossing it over my left shoulder towards the East.

After performing the Egg Roll I felt as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I feel less anxious about recent stress in my life, more balanced, and optimistic about my future.

Carolina Dean

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

MIPC: Dead Time

"Okay. Now you know how dead time works. Dead time lasts for one hour--from an half hour before midnight to half an hour after midnight. The half hour before midnight is for doin' good. The half hour after midnight is for doin' evil."

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
John Berendt, Hardcover Ed. ©1994, page 247

Commentary:  Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil is an account of real life events which occurred in Savannah, Georgia in the early 1980's. The story centers around the shooting death of Danny Hansford, a young man in the employ of a rich antiques dealer named Jim Williams. The story introduces many colorful characters, including Minerva who is described as the widow of Dr. Buzzard (a well known Rootworker, or Conjure Doctor) and a powerful Voodoo woman herself. After he is arrested and charged with the murder of Danny Hansford, Jim Williams hires Minerva to assist him in his case by working the judge, jury, and prosecutor to help ensure that he is not found guilty.

The title of the book refers to a specific time and place described in the narrative. Midnight being the mid-point between dead time, when the scales of justice can tip in either direction (see photo at  left), and the garden of good and evil referring to the cemetery, as Minerva refers to Bonaventure Cemetery as the 'flower garden' several times.

Although the author has made the popular mistake of believing that Voodoo and Hoodoo are interchangeable (which they are not),  Dead-Time as described in the book is a concept found in the Hoodoo Tradition of African-American Folk-Magic, although I have not known it to be called such. On this subject, Cat Yronwode a well known author on the subject of Hoodoo, writes

"One well-known Root Doctor from Birmingham, AL used to say that if you want to draw or attract you should perform a spell at any time day or night, when the clock hands are rising. Conversely, spells used to repel can be performed at any time day or night when both clock hands are falling. Avoid times when one hand is rising and the other is falling as this confuses the vibrations of the work."
This concept is entirely different from European based practices in which  many magickal practitioners observe the Planetary Hours a method which ascribed astrological energies to the Hours of the Day and Night. To find the correct time in which to cast as spell the practitioner must determine which astrological body is in harmony with their goal and then perform their spell during the window of time that is attributed to that time.

However, in both traditions there are other timing factors to consider when deciding when to cast spells, such as the Moon Phase, Day of the Week, and Sign of the Zodiac.  In addition, spells  in Hoodoo are just as often cast at either Sunrise of Sunset regardless of what time actually appears on a clock.

I think that it is safe to say that the symbolism  the clock hands is very clear. When both clock hands are rising, cast spells of a positive or uplifting nature; when both clock hands are falling, cast spells that are meant to cast off evil and keep enemies down. Abstain from performing magic when one clock hand is rising and another is falling. 

Carolina Dean 


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Talisman to Gain Employment

First let me say that I got the idea for this design from another blogger. About a year or so ago, I came across a similar design  and liked the outcome so much used it as a template for my own. 

This is a talisman to gain a new job. The box at the top left shows the 8 of Pentacles crossed by the Ace of Pentacles. The top right box is the Kamea of the Sun. The bottom left symbol is the Second Pentacle of Jupiter, and the bottom right box is the Second Pentacle of Saturn.

To physically create the talisman, print the image and cut it out of a piece of paper. It is then folded in half horizontally (the bottom half of the talisman will be behind the top half) and then again vertically. The Kamea of the Sun will act as the front of the talisman and the tarot cards will act as its reverse.

Now, unfold the talisman again and place it before you face down. Smear glue over the back of the talisman and fold it again horizontally. Smear glue over the Seals of Solomon and fold it together vertically. Allow the talisman to dry.

To personalize the talisman you will make a sigil of your name on the Kamea of the Sun, and then bless it as per your personal practices. Once properly prepared and consecrated, the talisman can be placed under candles burned for the same purpose, carried on your person, etc....

To enhance the effectiveness of this talisman I suggest sprinkling a bit of powered herbs that match your goal (such as gravel root for employment, thyme for money, etc...) along with a hair from your head over the glue before folding the talisman. Remember to use just a tiny bit because you don't want the powders to overwhelm the glue preventing it from sticking. You can go a step further by placing a dime from your year of birth between the Seals of Solomon before gluing these folds together as well.

Carolina Dean