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Friday, May 7, 2010

The Egg Roll

What is the Egg Roll?

Also known as a Limpa, or spiritual cleansing, in the Curanderismo Tradition the Egg Roll is a form of  healing in which a fresh raw egg is ritually passed over a person's body. However, in other cases depending on the worker and what he or she has on hand a Limpia may be performed using smoke from a cigar, herbs, or branches from certain trees. The purpose of the ritual is to remove curses and blockages, take off negative spirits, and cure spiritual illnesses.

The Egg Roll can be performed by one individual for another, or it can be performed for one's self.  During the course of the procedure, the egg may or may not make physical contact with the individual's body. The worker may also make the sign of the cross over the individual's body at certain points in the procedure. As the egg is passed over the body the worker and/or the individual will often pray either out loud or silently. The prayer may be a traditional prayer such as Psalm 23, The Apostle's Creed, or an extemporaneous one. 

After the Egg Roll has been performed, the egg is cracked and its contents dropped into a clear glass of water. The yolk is then observed for signs of the outcome of the work. Common signs include blood, a discoloration, bubbles and threads. A certain level of experience is required to interpret the signs found in the yolk. The Egg Roll may have to be repeated several times for full effect, however many people see relief with only one treatment.

Performing the Egg Roll

When I performed this ritual for myself, I combined the basic procedure for the Egg Roll with techniques of Spiritual Bathing as found in the Hoodoo Tradition. I began my ritual by setting up two candles about 2 feet apart on the rim of my bathtub. I drew a warm bath to which I added dried Hyssop, Kosher Salt, and Ammonia (only a cap full). I then placed nine drops of High John the Conqueror Root Oil to the water.  Finally, I placed the Egg in the water so that the egg would not be so cold when I rubbed it on my body. 

When the bath was ready, I undressed and stood by my tub. Before getting in I calmed myself and said a prayer. Once in the tub, I used a ritual cup to pour water over my head several times, praying with each cupful of water. For example, 
"As the water runs down may it wash away the sins of the past. As the water runs down may it wash away the obstacles in my path. As the water runs down, may it wash away the negativity attached to me....." 

Next, I took the egg in my hands and said, (please note that my prayer was specific to my situation and if you perform this ritual to adjust your petition accordingly.)

"As I rub this egg over my body may I become as clean as this egg is white May my spirit shine as brightly as the golden yoke within. Lord, lift me out of the pit of darkness and into the light of your love. Set me on a fresh path free of obstacles and place opportunities in my path.  Grant me the vision to see these opportunities before me, grant me the courage to act, and the wisdom to make the best choices for me. In your name I pray. Amen"

Now beginning with the top of my head and moving down and away from me, I rubbed the egg all over my body in silent prayer (praying the 23rd Psalm). When I was done, I placed the egg aside. I then collected some of my bath water in my ritual cup in order to ritually dispose of it later and pulled the plug sending the water down the drain. I stood up with my back to the edge of the bathtub and uttered a final prayer. 

"Lord, I have performed this ritual in your name to cleanse me of negativity and remove the obstacles in my path. I ask your blessing in this. Amen."

I stepped backward out of the tub passing in between the two candles on the rim of my tub. I anointed myself with High John the Conqueror Root Oil and then dressed in clean clothes. At my altar I cracked the egg into a clear glass of water. After I examined the egg yolk, I disposed of it by pouring it at the base of a tree in my backyard. Later, I disposed of the bathwater I collected in my ritual cup at the crossroads by tossing it over my left shoulder towards the East.

After performing the Egg Roll I felt as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I feel less anxious about recent stress in my life, more balanced, and optimistic about my future.

Carolina Dean


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the egg roll never know what is out there..but you always come through and tell us what you do...always a help Dean.

Carolina Dean said...

Thanks. Its always my goal to show others that they don't have to sit around and wait for things to play out. There is always something that you can do to help yourself.