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Sunday, May 30, 2010

For the Return of Stolen Goods

Anoint a black candle with oil, stroking the candle towards yourself and calling your items back to you. Roll the candle towards yourself in a mixture of vervain and juniper berries, then impale it with nine pins reaffirming your desire with the insertion of each pin. 

Place the candle in a holder on top of a mirror. Light the candle and chant the spell below nine times:

Fire Flame & thief burn, 
till my goods are returned!

Allow the candle to burn itself out and inspect the remains for a clue as to the thieves identity or where your goods may be found. Perform the spell at the same time each day for a total of nine days, or until you goods are recovered, which ever comes first. 

If your goods are not recovered in nine days, wait nine days and then perform the ritual again. If after another nine days you haven't recovered your goods, wait another nine days and then perform the ritual for another nine days. If after this time you have not recovered your goods, chances are they will never be returned.

Carolina Dean

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