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Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Mojo Hand to Get & Keep a Job

Note: Rather than spell out the entire procedure for fixing up this mojo hand, I'll give you the basic recipe and a recommended list of spiritual supplies that you may wish to use in its making as well as other helpful advice on the matter.

  1. Whether you quit, were laid-off, or fired from your previous job----losing one's means of income can be a very traumatic experience. It is a good idea to undertake a cleansing, such as a spiritual bath or Egg Roll,  before undertaking the work of finding a new job to let go of any negative feelings (betrayal, resentment, etc...).
  2. If you left your work due to a hostile work environment, or after having a difficult working relationship with your boss or co-workers I would also suggest obtaining and lighting a few Reversing Candles and praying the 37th or 52nd Psalms for protection from the slander and backbiting of your enemies. 
  3. If you are a member of any social networking group, such as Myspace or Facebook, do not bad mouth your previous company or co-workers online. Potential employers often use these sites to investigate applicants. In fact, it is best if you adjust your account settings so that it is not public and only your online friends can view your page. 
  4. If you submit a cover letter, an employment application or resume online, DO NOT use or provide an email account that is connected to your social networking sites. Do not make it easy for potential employers to  discover information about you that may prevent you from getting an interview. Instead, create an entirely new email account for this purpose. Try to obtain an email address for yourself that sounds professional and avoids silly names. 
  5. When folding your resume or cover letter for mailing make sure you fold it towards yourself and call the job to you as you do.
  6. Lightly draw a small rune or sigil for luck , success, or prosperity on the envelope and then cover it with your stamp.
Suggested Timing

  • Moon Phase: New to Waxing
  • Day: Thursday or Sunday
  • Hour: Jupiter, or the Sun 
  • Other:  1) At Sunrise when both clock hands are Rising. 2) When the tide is coming in.

Keep in mind that certain days of the week are also associated with specific professions, so you may want to choose another day and hour depending on the type of job you are seeking. For example, Wednesday is ruled by the planet Mercury which is associated with communication and writing, but also trade and commerce. Therefore if you are attempting to get a job as a writer, journalist, or customer service agent, you may wish to fix your mojo on a Wednesday in the hour of mercury.

The Recipe:

High John the Conqueror Root 
Cinnamon Chips 
Silver Dime 
Pecan Shells 
Gravel Root
Irish Moss
Your Petition

Suggestions for Your Petition:
  1. Write a brief paragraph outlining what you are looking for in a job. Turn the paper sideways and write your name crossing this description nine times. 
  2. Write your name seven times cross and cover this with the words GOOD JOB in bold letters.
  3. Write your name three times, cross and cover this with the exact Job Title that you desire and then write your specific petition for this type of job in a circle around the name and job title. Make sure all the letters connect, for example bankmanagerjobcometome. You can spread this out in one long sentence, or write the statement over and over until it forms a circle. 
  4. To add some punch to your mojo bag, you may want to write your petition on a two dollar bill. Before folding the paper place at least one hair from your head in the center to further personalize your mojo. 

Spiritual Supplies Needed:

Steady Work Incense 
Steady Work Vigil Light(s)
Steady Work Bath Crystals
Steady Work Sachet Powders

Suggested Prayers

  1. Psalm 23- An all purpose prayer.
  2. Psalm 32- Calls love, grace and mercy upon those who pray it. It has been used by the unemployed to obtain a new job.
  3. Psalm 70- For fast results in matters of money.
  4. Psalm 112- To get a loan or job.


  1. Carry the mojo on you while you are looking for work and sleep with it near you at night. When you get a job, keep it in a safe place and remember to continue feeding and smoking it on a regular basis to keep your job. In my personal practice, I anoint a new mojo hand each day after it has been fixed for a total of seven days. I then anoint it once a week for an entire month and on the same day of the week that I originally fixed it and and then once a month at the new moon. 
  2. Sprinkle Steady Work Sachet Powders over cover letters, resumes, and employment applications before submitting them. Run your fingers through the powders making wavy snake lines, and then blow them off. DO NOT use oils as they will stain the paper, make your submission look un-professional, and may raise suspicions. 
  3. When you are granted an interview, be sure to find out the name of the person who will be interviewing you. Immediately perform a Sweet Spell, or improvised Honey jar spell, using the name of the person that is to interview you. 
  4. When you go to the interview, folklore says that you should put some salt in your pocket. At the most opportune moment, sprinkle or toss a little bit of salt on the person who is to interview you. They say if you can do this you will get the job. Presumably, the best time to do this is when the interviewer is escorting you to the interview room and no one is watching. If this is not possible, at least sprinkle the salt on the interviewer's chair if they happen to leave the room during the interview, or try to inconspicuously sprinkle some salt in the interview room before you leave. 
  5. While you are waiting to earn income, train the money you DO HAVE to bring in more to you. 
  6. Most importantly, keep a positive attitude and DON'T GIVE UP.

Carolina Dean


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