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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Servitors and How to Create Them.

What is a Servitor?

A servitor is a constructed thought-form given 'life' by you to perform a specific task. Servitors are known by different names including Tulpas, Constructs, Fetches, Artificial Elementals, etc... Although the use of servitors is mainly found in the practice of Chaos and Ceremonial magick, the techniques used for their construction and programming can be utilized by any magickal practitioner. 

What Functions Do Servitors Serve?

Once created by you in a ritual ceremony, the servitor does whatever you program it do. Programming your servitor consists of three main steps. They are:
  1. Explaining the goal you wish the servitor to accomplish. 
  2. Providing the servitor with energy to accomplish the goal.
  3. Setting a time-limit in which the servitor should accomplish the goal after which they return to nothing.
In some instances, such as providing protection, servitors are not given a time limit. However, they should be monitored often to prevent the servitor from gaining its energy elsewhere and possibly turning on you. 

How Are Servitors Created?

There are many methods in which servitors are created, programmed, and utilized. However, there are some elements that most rituals will include, such as:
  1. A statement of intent 
  2. Naming the Spirit
  3. The creation of a sigil based on the name of the spirit.
  4. The charging of the sigil.
  5. Visualizing the servitor.
  6. Energizing the Servitor.
  7. Instructing the servitor. 
To give you a better idea of how to to create, program, and utilize a sigil I will now provide an example drawn from my own life and create a spirit for the purpose of producing a job that is just right for me.

 I will the manifestation of a job that is just right for me

All letters which repeat are then removed, leaving you with the following letters.


Which forms the basis for the naming of the spirit. To assist with pronouncing the name of the spirit I add the letter 'A'. Scrambling the letters around I decide on the name Warbug. I really like the name War-Bug for the spirit. It really is a war in the job market right now with several people often fighting for the same job and I want a spirit that will really fight for me and my success.

I envision war-bug as a kind of human/insect hybrid like a mishmash of a human being, a soldier-ant and a cockroach. War-Bug will take his orders and do what you ask him to do, and no matter what you do you can’t defeat him because he keeps coming back. He gets in everywhere and won’t let up till he gets the job done! 

Formulation of the sigil for Warbug

 W A R B U G
  5  1  9 2  3  7 =  27 = 9

The Sigil for Warbug is drawn on the Kamea of Jupiter (for success, money, growth). 

Next, to form a magickal link for the spirit I created its recreated its kamea, sigil, a drawing of its form, and its ultimate instruction on a piece of paper. 

This was printed on and cut out from a piece of paper. The paper was folder and glued so that the Kamea shows on the front and the instructions appeared on the reverse.

Since the spirit was concieved to correspond to the energies of Jupiter, I decided to create and program the Warbug on a Thursday, in the hour of Jupiter when the moon is Full.

Leading up to the day of the ritual I placed the Sigil Paper in the center of a Triangle of Manifestation, with candles at the three points of the triangle.

Each day for about a week, I lit the candles and visualized Warbug. I imaged what he would look like, his personality, etc... and fed energy into my thoughtform.

On the day of the ritual, I erected an altar facing East and on which I placed the Triangle of Manifestation, Incense, Illuminator Candles, and a ritual Sword.  In addition, I gathered together items which corresponded to my goal of getting a job. These items included gravel root, guinea peppers, dirt from my home, coins, kosher salt, a copy of my resume, etc....Finally I also laid out a special pot which will house these items along with the spirit when it is not working for me.

In the hour of Jupiter, I lit the illuminator candles and performed the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. I then lit the three candles at the points of the triangle. I lit the incense and then held the sigil paper its smoke , visualized Warbug, and called him to life, saying:

"I name you Warbug, you ARE Warbug! I charge you to find a job that is just right for me. To do this you will seek out correct opportunities and place those opportunities in my path. You will remove any competition I may have for the job in question and crush all obstacle in my path that may prevent me from getting such a job. You will draw energy from my desire to gain employment and from offerings I present to you. Once I am employed again you will return to nothingness."

I then placed the sigil paper in the pot followed by the items I chose to assist Warbug in achieving his task. As each item was placed in the pot I explained its significance/symbolish and how it would help achieve my goal.

When I was done, I held the pot in my hands and fed energy into it through controlled breathing and visualization focusing the totality of my will on the task at hand. The pot was then placed back inside the Triangle of Manifestation where it remained until the three candles surrounding it were spent.

To conclude the ritual, I performed the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram again.

Working With Your Servitor

Once created and programmed, your servitor must be fed on a regular basis to keep it strong and working for you. Just like training a dog, or other pet, a servitor must be trained with positive reinforcement in the form of praise and attention, or reprimanded when appropriate. It is important that both you and the servitor maintain discipline so that the servitor remains focused on its task.

The vessel in which you place the spirit is called a spirit pot. The spirit pot is the place in which the spirit resides when it is not out working for you. It is the place where it returns for sustenance. In addition to feeding your spirit energy in the form of praise and admiration, you may also place burning candles near its pot or other offerings such as food or water.

While your servitor is working for you, it is important that you pay attention to any signs or omens that it places in your path. Acknowledge your servitor's good job with extra energy/praise, but if you feel that it is not working for you scold it and deny it its sustenance.

Once the servitor has acheived your goal, it will return to nothingness as you instructed. You must then deconstruct its house and ritually dispose of its contents. 

Carolina Dean 


Jennicysm said...

This is great, the perfect answer to a very long-standing problem. TYVM for posting it, love your blog!

Carolina Dean said...

Its funny I live in the Pacific Northwest where its cold and rainy alot.I rarely if ever see any flies. Even today its 55 degrees and I'm considering turning on the heat, there's been a fly buzzing around all day!

I keep telling him to get to work, but I guess he's taking the holiday too! Good luck with your goal and let us know how it goes.


Jennicysm said...

I will definitely do that, I have a very unique and extreme case. I haven't ever heard of anyone ever dealing with a situation that's even remotely close. I'm gathering supplies and organizing now, I really expect things to change for the positive.

Temp your buggie boy with a lovely bowl of sugarcubes as a reward. Bugs loooove sugar and some spirits do too. Yum!

Carolina Dean said...

Well that sounds interesting, care to share some details?


Jennicysm said...

I have an evil sister and a very tenacious astral stalker. The only people who even believe what I have been through are close friends, highly clairvoyant folks and a nice lady shaman who can clearly see the energy signature and see where it comes from. No amount of protection has worked for more than a few weeks, even by the best practitioners and, after three years, it's time to end this nightmare. My daughter, my cats and my husband have suffered much as well and I'm done. It's time to go with the more primal need for self-preservation. ;)

Carolina Dean said...

Yeah, I'd say its time to get down and dirty. I think I would be tempted to take them to the brink of death so they'll be so busy with their own problems they won't have time to deal with you.

Jennicysm said...

I LIKE the way you think!