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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sun Sigil Spell For Fast Money

To perform this spell you will need:

Kamea of the Sun 
Pen and Paper 
Yellow Powder
Cinnamon Chips 
Irish Moss
Money Stay With Me Oil
Mortar and Pestle 


Begin by creating drawing a sigil of your name on the Kamea of the Sun. Next, combine the cinnamon chips, irish moss, and chamomile  in your mortar. Add three to three drops each of Fast Luck Oil, Money Drawing Oil and Money Stay With Me Oil, then grind the herbs deosil with your pestle while focusing on your goal. Say or chant:

Oh fiery herbs of solar power, 
I call on you to now empower;
this spell to draw wealth to me, 
as I will so mote it be!

When you are done, spread the herbs out on your candle-board and set this aside. Carve the sigil of your name from the Kamea of the Sun on one side of the Yellow-Candle, and on the other side write the words Prosperity and Abundance.

Thoroughly dress, or anoint, the Yellow-Candle with a trifecta of Fast Luck, Money Drawing and Money Stay With Me Oils. Once your candle is slathered with oil, roll it towards yourself over the candle board through the herbal mixture allowing the herbs to stick to the candle. As you roll the candle, call prosperity and abundance ot you. 

Place the candle in a holder with the Kamea of the Sun (on which you have drawn a sigil of your name) beneath the holder. Hold your hands over the candle about three inches and visualize solar energy shining down on the candle infusing it with power and chant the spell below three times. 

I call upon the sun's limitless power
to aid me in my darkest hour;
poverty threatens, my need is dire, 
bring abundance with your fire!

Light the candle and let the magick begin!

Carolina Dean

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