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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Talisman to Gain Employment

First let me say that I got the idea for this design from another blogger. About a year or so ago, I came across a similar design  and liked the outcome so much used it as a template for my own. 

This is a talisman to gain a new job. The box at the top left shows the 8 of Pentacles crossed by the Ace of Pentacles. The top right box is the Kamea of the Sun. The bottom left symbol is the Second Pentacle of Jupiter, and the bottom right box is the Second Pentacle of Saturn.

To physically create the talisman, print the image and cut it out of a piece of paper. It is then folded in half horizontally (the bottom half of the talisman will be behind the top half) and then again vertically. The Kamea of the Sun will act as the front of the talisman and the tarot cards will act as its reverse.

Now, unfold the talisman again and place it before you face down. Smear glue over the back of the talisman and fold it again horizontally. Smear glue over the Seals of Solomon and fold it together vertically. Allow the talisman to dry.

To personalize the talisman you will make a sigil of your name on the Kamea of the Sun, and then bless it as per your personal practices. Once properly prepared and consecrated, the talisman can be placed under candles burned for the same purpose, carried on your person, etc....

To enhance the effectiveness of this talisman I suggest sprinkling a bit of powered herbs that match your goal (such as gravel root for employment, thyme for money, etc...) along with a hair from your head over the glue before folding the talisman. Remember to use just a tiny bit because you don't want the powders to overwhelm the glue preventing it from sticking. You can go a step further by placing a dime from your year of birth between the Seals of Solomon before gluing these folds together as well.

Carolina Dean

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