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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Today and Yesterday: Hoodoo In the News

NOTE: Over 20 articles from the archives of newspaper all over the country ranging from the 1930's to the late 1990's.

Islanders Discount Root Magic

Cemetery Conceals Grisly Old Mystery

Unusual Occurrence Linked to Voodoo

That Old Black Magic Cast Spell Over Lowcountry

Quintessentially LowCountry: Sheriff J.E. McTeer

Let the Stories Flow as Beaufort Turns 300 

Mysterious Objects Turn Up in Bluffton Cemetary

Cooking Up a Remedy

Beaufort County's Gardening Past 

Family May Go to Jail Together

Negro is Slain by Clear Water Police Officer: "Doctor" Buzzard Shot to Death During Scuffle in Squad Car

Doctor Buzzard has the Voodoo Solution

Make Your Own Lucky Hands

Death Penalty Sought

Psychiatrist Talks Here on Witchcraft

Voodoo Doll Helps End Triangle Involving Wife, Mate, and Pal

Voodoo Doll Aimed to Quell Nagging Male  

Successful Writer Turns Housemaid

Graveyard Dirt Foils Bloodhounds

Colored" Conjure Student Tries it On Judge But it Doesn't Work

Conjure Man and Skunk Oil Really Exist in Far South

  A Conjure Doctor, A Black Cat, and a Black Man

Arrest Conjure Man in Farm Mystery

Tried to Conjure Court with Powders

Minus Magic Shirt, Conjure Man Slain

New York Drugstore, 107 Years Old, Sells Concur Dust and Love Potions

More to Witch-Doctoring than Hocus Pocus

Voodoo is on its Last Legs

Finagling the Citizenship Lottery

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