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Friday, June 4, 2010

Banishing a Ghost

Begin by cleansing the space both physically and spiritually. There are many ways you can do this including:

• Beginning at the top of the house clean down and out.
• Clean from the back of each room, towards the front.
• Sweep out each room and out the front door.
• Mop the floor with some Chinese Wash in the water.
• Wash the front door-step with water that includes Blessing Oil.
• Smudge the entire house with Sage.
• Mist each room with a mixture of Kosher Salt and Holy Water.
• Boil cinnamon sticks and vanilla on the stove.
• Remove all clutter.
• Seal any portals with Clove Oil.

The Ritual

Erect an altar where the most ghostly activity has taken place. In the center of the altar place a cauldron in which you burn a combination of dandelion root, wormwood, and sandalwood.

Create Sacred Space and Cast a Circle.

Open the Western Gate, saying:

“Western gate now open wide,
reveal the path to the other side;
allow the spirit to pass therein,
and bring this haunting to an end!”

Summon the ghosts, saying:

“Lingering spirit these words hear,
I call on you to now draw near;
join me within this sacred space,
come to me and show your face!”

Once you feel that you have made contact with the ghost, talk to it and explain that they are dead. Tell them that their life is over and it is time to move on. Show the spirit the path to the other side through the Western Gate.

At this point the spirit will either pass through the gate or not. If the spirit crosses over, you should feel it on some level either physically or psychically. If the spirit becomes angry or refuses to cross over, you can always try again at a later date. Either way, end the ritual by closing the gate.

Open the circle and clean up as usual. 

Carolina Dean 

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