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Friday, June 11, 2010

Lost Sheep Vigil Candle

To prepare this candle you will need:

A Pink Vigil Candle*
(pink for the bond of love that connects people
(for protection and comfort)

(to draw those you wish to see)
(for remembrance and protects family)
Lodestone Grit
(natural magnets that attract) 
Magnetic Sand 
(for feeding the lodestone) 

Attraction Oil 
(to draw the person back)

Photograph of Missing Person 

Mortar and Pestle 

Begin by taping or gluing the photograph to the Pink Vigil Light. Mix the dried herbs together in your mortar and grind them with a pestle, praying for the individual's safe return. When you are done, add three to nine drops of Attraction Oil to the mixture. Bore three holes in the vigil light. Add three drops of Attraction Oil to each hole. Fill each hole with your herbal mixture and top it off with one Lodestone Grit (tell it what you want it to do and fed it with magnetic sand). In addition you can place the person's personal concerns in the holes as well.

Anoint the rim of the candle with Attraction Oil, swirling your finger around it three times in a clockwise motion. Hold your hands over the vigil light and pray for the individual's safe return. When you are done place your left hand over the top of the candle and take hold of it with your right. Lift up the candle and bring it down knocking it on your altar or workspace three times.

Finally, light the candle and let it go to work. 

If you want to take this spell a step further and confer protection on the individual while they are missing, flip 7 black candles, anoint them with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil. Arrange the candles in a circle around the Pink Vigil Candle and light them with your prayers of protection. Light the candles to surround the individual with a strong aura of protection so no harm may come to them while they are missing. 

Carolina Dean 


*You may substitute a pink Human-Figure Candle in place of the Vigil Light and load it with the herbs mentioned in the spell.

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