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Friday, July 30, 2010

Creating a Happiness Jar

Jars, Bottles and various types of containers have long played an important role in the magickal practices of various cultures and traditions. There is probably a type of jar for every kind of goal or purpose. Some of the more common types of spells performed which use jars and bottles include:
  • Honey Jars
  • Break-Up Bottles
  • Money Jars 
  • Cursing and Banishing Bottles
  • Witch Bottles for Protection

Recently when speaking with a client about various types of Bottle-Spells, I was asked "What if you love someone so much all you want is for them to be is happy." I thought about this and so I designed a 'Happiness-Jar'. 

To make a Happiness Jar you will need to gather the following things:
  • A Bottle or Jar with a metal lid 
  • Your Personal Concerns 
  • A Lodestone & Magnetic Sand
  • Blessing Oil 
  • White Candle (or whatever color makes you feel 'happy')
  • Incense (anything you find pleasant and uplifting) 
  • Pen and Paper
To begin, wash your jar thoroughly in warm soapy water to physically cleanse it of any leftover materials from its previous contents. Then gently wipe the bottle and lid down with a bit of ammonia to remove any previous/negative spiritual energies.

Take out your pen and paper and make a list of all the things that make you feel 'happy'. For example, I'll share part of my own list with you. 
  • A Good Book
  • New Episodes of My Favorite T.V. Shows
  • Cool, Rainy Days
  • Shopping Online
  • Thrift Stores
  • Collecting Tarot Cards
  • Writing 
  • Good Food 
  • Crafting Magical Items
  • The Color Yellow
  • The smell of Cool Water Cologne
  • Blog Comments (hint, hint)
  • Disco Music
When you are done, place the list in the jar. Put your personal concerns on top of the list. Now your job is to find symbols that relate to what makes you happy. For example my Happiness-Jar contains  a small blank piece of paper and a pencil (writing), a small tarot card (collecting tarot cards), the logo for ebay (shopping online), a yellow feather, a Cool Water Cologne sample, etc....

Anoint the lodestone with blessing oil and place it in the jar on top of the lists/symbols. Feed it with magnetic sand saying "as I feed you so will you feed me and attract those things to me which will bring me happiness". Place the lid on the jar. Carve your name on the white candle and anoint it with blessing oil. Affix the white-candle to the lid of the jar. Light the candle and incense. Sincerely pray the 23rd Psalm making your petition. Let the candle burn down in its own time. 

Its important that you put things in your Happiness Jar that relate directly to what makes you happy and not indirectly. For example you might say "Dean, you love books so much why not put some coins in your happiness jar so that you have money to buy books?" The reason is because I want to focus on what makes me happy and not how I will attain those things. By focusing on the books that make me happy and not a means to attain them, I have eliminated a step and moved myself that much closer to what makes me happy. 

You can perform this operation on any day that you deem appropriate. Burn a candle on top of the jar as little or as often as you feel it is needed. However, it is important that you do work the jar at least once a month.  I would suggest that you begin the operation on the same day of the week that you were born and then once a month when the moon is Full.

Carolina Dean


Jennicysm said...

LOVE IT!!!! :)

Jennicysm said...

I like being called "client" too, we should make that happen. I have a specific project in mind where my art is concerned. I'll message you so we can start figuring it out. *hugs*

Carolina Dean said...

Thanks Jenny, you know how to get in touch with me.

Nicolette Wong said...

good stuff. and good tip on not being specific about the means we'd use to reach our goals. sometimes i think we worry too much about how things will happen (i'd obtain financial security by doing this or that/i'd be happy if this man talks to me again) that we stall our own movements a lot.