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Monday, July 19, 2010

Fill'er Up

Sympathetic Magic is the belief that 'like attracts like'. It is a concept often used in magic and is the basis for many spells and rituals. The most well-known form that sympathetic magic takes is in the use of voo-doo dolls or Poppets. Basically, a doll is made to represent an individual and whatever is acted upon the doll is also believed to occur to the individual. 

The same concept can be found in other spells as well. For example, the color green is believed to vibrate at the frequency of prosperity (among other things), and red to love, blue to protection, etc.... therefore to cast a spell for money a witch will often use a green candle. Buckeyes are thought to resemble a young man's testicles, therefore buckeyes are often carried for male-potency and to attract sexual partners.  

It has been stated that visualization is a form of sympathetic magic in that instead of making a physical image of our desires, we make mental ones. Furthermore, the philosophy of The Secret states that what you dwell on inwardly, you will manifest outwardly. This is another example of sympathetic magic.

So whatever it is that you want, you can easily have simply by tuning yourself to the frequency of your desire. Here's how.

How to Tune Your Frequency to Your Desires.

Begin this process early in the morning shortly after awakening. Think about what it is that you wish to attract/manifest and write this down on a piece of paper. Choose a candle whose color matches your goal and set it in a holder. Place your wish paper under the holder and light the candle. 

Now spend at least 10 minutes on tuning your energy to the frequency of that which you desire. If you wish to attract/manifest love then fill yourself up with thoughts of love. Think about people that you love and focus on those feelings, visualize yourself happy and in the arms of the one you desire. If there is a particular scent that summons  those feelings and sensations for you then arrange to have it near so that you can smell it (I use Cool Water © and spray it on myself). Play music that puts you in a romantic, loving frame of mind. Place photographs on your workspace that remind you of love.

If it is your desire to attract prosperity, then fill yourself up with thoughts of money. Focus on what paper money feels like in your hand, if it helps, hold some cash in your hands. Focus on what money smells like, again if it helps get some 'new money' and smell it as you visualize yourself surrounded by money and all of it is yours! 

The point here is that no matter what your goal is, pull it towards you through all of your senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch). When you are done, snuff out the candle. Continue to hold the energy that you've focused on inside yourself. If you begin to feel that you are losing your connection to that energy, then focus on those things which bring back that connect (visualization, color, sound, feeling, etc...)

Perform this ritual every morning for at least 21 days and use your tools to maintain that connection to the energy of that which you desire and you will find that you begin to manifest your wishes. 

Carolina Dean

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