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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Identifying & Countering Psychic Attack

What is Psychic Attack?

It is a simple fact of life that as humans in the modern world we are bombarded every day by stress and negativity. Such negativity may take the form of nasty co-workers, congested traffic, feeling of jealousy and insecurity, worries over finances, etc…

Normally, we can shrug off the effects of this negativity in various ways. Some ways we can lessen and negate the effects of daily stress and negativity include, but is not limited to the following:

• Eating Healthy
• Breathing Correctly
• Exercise
• Meditation
• Prayer
• Affirmations
• Visualization

However, a psychic attack is thought to be much more powerful than the normal negativity that we encounter on a day to day basis. Psychic Attack is define as an assault upon the individual’s mind, body, and/or spirit by an outside force or forces manifesting in various forms. A psychic attack differs from daily stress in that it consists of a focused buildup of negative energy which has been directed at the individual.

Psychic Attack is often accomplished through various spells. An enemy may capture your personal concerns and make a doll in your likeness that they ritually torture. They may burn a candle or a series of candles on your name, or call upon negative spirits to torment you. They may use astral projection to invade your dreams, disrupt your sleep, and exploit your fears. In some instances they may hide something in your home, car, office, or anywhere you often walk over to place a jinx on you. However, a psychic attack can be perpetuated with nothing more than an envious gaze, called the Evil Eye.

It has been said that only certain individuals have the power to 'throw' the evil eye, when in actuality all people have this ability. The power of the evil eye is tied to the emotions of the individual. It is normally activated by extreme feelings of envy and/or hate, which rises from the individual and is channeled through the eyes at the target. Many people throw the evil eye and are not aware of the fact, while others have learned to do this at will. At its core, the evil eye exist to spread loss

Identifying Symptoms

Symptoms of psychic attack commonly take the form of emotional disturbances or physical illness such as migraines, confusion, nightmares, fever, sudden paranoia, general malaise, weakness, tightness in the chest, irritability, inexplicable bruising of the body, unexplainable foul odors which appear and disappear, hearing odd sounds, insomnia, an inability to shut off negative thoughts about one’s self and one’s life, etc….

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms it is important that you first rule out mundane causes which may be responsible for said symptoms. True psychic attack is thought to be rather rare, therefore you may find a rational explanation for your symptoms the majority of the time. Secondly, you must take into consideration the mental state of the afflicted individual. Many people who believe they are the target of a psychic attack are actually mentally ill and suffering from some form of psychosis such as schizophrenia.

Left unchecked a psychic attack can grow in strength, intensity, and duration which can and will eventually lead to severe consequences.

Diagnosing Psychic Attack

If you believe that you are the target of a psychic attack a divination may be in order to determine so. If you cannot perform the divination for yourself, then it may be necessary to have someone perform it for you.

Certain folk-magic practices prescribe various rituals to determine if one has been the target of a psychic attack, specifically in the form of the evil eye. Some of the rituals include:

• In Eastern Europe, three matches are lit one at a time and dropped into a pan of water. If the matches float on the water and cross one another is considered a sure sign of spiritual attack.
• In Greece, a drop of olive oil is placed in a glass of holy water. If the drop floats you are fine, but if it sinks it is thought to be the effects of the evil eye. Alternately, two drops of olive oil are placed into a clear glass of water. If the drops stay separated there is no cause for worry.
• In Mexico, a fresh egg is rubbed over the body or alternately placed under the person’s bed overnight. The egg is then cracked open in a bowl and inspected. If there is blood, or anything ‘hard’ in the yoke, or the individual is believed to be under the influence of the evil eye.

Countering Psychic Attack

Once you have identified your symptoms, ruled out all mundane (i.e. rational) explanations and have diagnosed the attack it becomes necessary to counter the assault. Just as there are many ways to psychically attack an individual, there are numerous ways to counter a psychic attack. 

Therefore, rather than give you specific counter-measures I offer an overview of various methods.  Most methods of countering a psychic attack will fall into the category of a Cleansing, a Reversing, or a combination of each.

Cleansings involve removing the curse from the individual/object and keeping it from returning. In these cases the negative energy of the curse is often transmuted into positive energy. Methods of cleanings include but are not limited to the following:

• Ritual Bathing
• Visualization
• Smudging with Incense
• Anointing with Oil
• Energy Work
• Transference
• Ritual Banishment
• Petition to a Higher Power
• Counter Spells
• Use of Amulets or Talismans

Reversing involves sending the curse back to its point of origin where it will play out as it has been directed when it was cast. Methods of reversing curses back to their sender include but are not limited to the following:

• Petition to a Higher Power
• Counter Spells
• Use of Amulets and Talismans
• Other

There is also the option of attacking your attacker directly. The act of placing a curse on your tormentor can be very cathartic and may represent a healing for the individual. Some may argue that sending a curse back to its point of origin is a curse in and of itself. Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to know the identity of the person who has attacked you. In your workings to counter psychic attack you can focus your intent by sending negative energy back ‘from whence it came’ or stating ‘the person psychically attacking me' in your petitions.

In my research I found at least one instance of employing a curse against someone who has cursed you, although I am sure that there are more examples. Denis Alvarado in her book, Voodoo Dolls in Magick and Ritual states that “[one] way to reverse a curse is to create a voodoo doll of the person that cursed you.” She then instructs the reader to ritually burn the doll with the intention that as the doll burns away the curse placed upon you by the person will be transformed into “something harmless.”

Carolina Dean 

Voodoo Dolls in Magic and Ritual ©2009, Denis Alvarado, pages 187-188

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