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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Candle Burning Part Two: Various Types of Candles & their Uses

This entry into candle-burning will cover the types of candles and how they are used. For the purpose of this entry I will divide the various types of candles into two categories. They are:
  1. Specialty Candles
  2. Figure Candles
Specialty Candles

Specialty candles differ from other types of candles mentioned in that they meet one or more of the following conditions.

1. They come in a size different from votive, taper, or pillar candles.
2. They consist of one candle molded in two or more colors of wax.

Examples of specialty candles include Jumbo Candles, Double Action Candles and Reversing Candles.

  • Jumbo Candles are nine inches long and come in either a single color, two colors, or sometimes three colors. Due to their size and width they are usually used in seven-day type spells. They are used just like regular candles as described before.

  • Double Action Candles are candles which have been made from two different colors of wax. They are usually red, white, or green on their top half and black on their bottom half. They are believed to simultaneously reverse negativity while drawing in positive influences as represented by the color of candle used. In addition to carving names on these candles and anointing them with oils, they are usually ‘flipped’ by cutting off the wick turning it upside down and digging a new wick out of what was the bottom. In this way the evil as represented by the black portion of the candle burns away so that the good as represented by the other color can draw in the positive influences.
  • Reversing Candles are jumbo candles which consist of a red candle covered with a layer of black wax and are used to reverse negativity back to its source. They are often employed in the same manner as double-action candles by flipping the candle, marking it with the enemy’s name (usually backwards), anointing it with a condition oil and burning it on a mirror. As the candle burns the red wax will overcome the black wax and run down the candle symbolically overcoming the evil.

Figure Candles

Figure candles are candles which have been created in various forms and which represent certain conditions, ideas, or people. They come in a wide variety of choices and colors from which a practitioner can choose when deciding to perform spells. Examples of Figure Candles include, Human-Figure Candles, Cat-Candles, Cross-Candles, Genital Candles, and Skull-Candles to name a few.

Figure candles add an extra dimension to candle-burning due to the sympathetic qualities their specific shape provides. In and of themselves, figure-candles are no more powerful than regular candles. However, some practitioners may find that they react more strongly to the visual/tactile aspects of the candle which allows them to be more successful in their endeavors. 

Some Types of Figure Candles and their Use
  • Human Figure Candles- These are candles which have been molded in the shape of a naked Man (Adam-Candle) and a naked woman (Eve-Candle). Human Figure Candles are often used to represent a specific person. They come in various colors including black, white, green, and red. Just as in general candle-burning practices, the color of the candle should be in harmony with the goal of your spell. Typically, the name of the person the candle is intended to represent is scratched across the chest of the doll. The individual’s personal concerns, when available, are ‘loaded’ into the base of the candle. Once prepared the candle may be burned, either alone or with other candles. In some cases it may be manipulated as part of a “moving candle spell”, that is it may be moved towards/away from another candle(s) or object to symbolize movement on the issue or problem with the ultimate goal to bring about a certain condition. A good example of one such spell is placing two prepared Red Human Figure candles on an altar facing towards one another about a foot apart with a red taper in the center. Each day the candles are lit and move closer together in order to bring the two people together. In some cases, the Human Figure candle isn’t burned at all. Many practitioners often prepare the candle as described above and then use it in the same manner as a doll-baby.
  • Skull Candles- Skull Candles are shaped like the human skull and come in black, green, red and white. Because they are associated with the human head/mind they are used to penetrate another’s thoughts. However, due to many people associating skeletons with sickness and death, I have seen some practitioners use these candles to bring health to the sick or to curse their enemies with sickness unto death.
  • Cross Candles- Alternately called Cross of Calvary Candles or the Floral Cross, these candles are shaped like the Holy Cross and are further embossed with a set of crossed-keys and an open bible. Cross candles come in an array of colors whose use follow the same line of color symbolism in practical candle-burning spells. However, due to their association with Christianity, they are often used in conjunction with praying the Psalms for specific goals. I have also seen them used in workings to open or close doors (physical or spiritual).
  • Lovers Candle- These are candles which resemble a nude heterosexual couple embracing and are used to enhance the romantic/sexual aspects of one’s relationship.
  • Cat Candle- A candle molded in the shape of a cat sitting on its hind legs. These candles come in red, green and black. Due to the cat’s perceived ability to always land on its feet, to slip in and out of placed undetected, and longevity cat candles are used to draw in good luck. The type of luck desired is often represented by the color of candle chosen and the petition placed under the candle.
  • Genital Candle- Candles which are representative of the Penis and Vagina. These candles are used to manipulate/enhance/control one’s sexual prowess and nature. Perhaps the most common use for these candles are to attract a new sexual partner, arouse passion, ensure sexual fidelity, and curse another individual’s sexuality.
  • Pyramid Candle- A large candle molded in green wax in the shape of a Pyramid with an eye in its center. This candle is a three-dimensional representation of the pyramid found on United States Currency and is associated with the wealth of Egypt. It is thought to quickly draw money and prosperity to the individual when properly prepared and burned with sincere prayer.
  • Mummy Candles- These candles are shaped like an Egyptian Mummy and come in either black or red wax. Due to the binding nature of the mummy, they are often used to bind enemies or keep them down. However, they are also used to lift cross conditions and empower the individual.
  • Praying Hands- Candles which resemble hands brought together in prayer. Praying Hands candles are available only in white and are used when praying for the sick or injured.
  • Witch Candle- These are candles molded in the likeness of a stereotypical witch complete with conical-hat and broom. They draw upon the belief that witches are naturally attuned to magic and can command powerful forces. They are typically available in either black or red wax and are used to cast hexes (black) or bring about love (red). I have also seen these candles used by magical practitioners against other magical practitioners for both good and ill.
  • Devil Candle- Candles molded in the likeness of a devil, they come in red, green, and black wax. This devil is not the Satan of Christianity but rather an amalgam of Pagan/African/Christianity deities into a powerful ally in magic. Depending on the color, these candles are used to incite passion in another, bring in money, or hex your enemy.
  • 7 Knob Candle- These are candles which have been created to have seven knobs and come in white, red, green and black. Their color symbolism follows the same general concepts as found in practical candle-burning spells. Seven Knob candles are used to bring about one’s wishes by carving one’s wish on each of the seven knobs, anointing each know with oil, and then burning one knob per day for a total of seven days.

Carolina Dean


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I tried looking for the cross candles in different colors and it is nearly impossible to find any of them outside the usual colors of red, white, black, and green.