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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Heal-All Mojo Bag

Here's a Heal-All Mojo Bag that I designed specifically for a recent widow who spent several years caring for her sick husband and who began having her own health issues before her husband's passing. 

As per my usual practice, a candle was inscribed with her name and anointed with oil. I chose to use High John the Conqueror Oil for strength and personal power. The candle was lit as well as some incense.

As the candle burned I wrote the client's name on 9 times on the back of the 2nd pentacle of Mars. I then turned the paper 1/4 turn and wrote Perfect Health in big, bold letters crossing and covering her name as I went. I smoked the petition paper in the incense, making the petition for the client before placing the petition in the bag.

Each of the herbs below were placed in the mojo bag asking them to bring their particular influence to the client. For example "Thyme, which brings peace of mind, bring (N) peace of mind that she may attain and maintain perfect health."
  1. Thyme for peace of mind 
  2. Rue for improved health 
  3. Coriander Seed to prevent disease 
  4. Dill Seed to keep off illness 
  5. Marjoram to assuage grief 
  6. Rosemary for female power 
  7. 2nd Pentacle of Mars which is said to serve with great success against all diseases...
When I was done I breathed into the bag to give it life and then tied it off. Finally, the bag was anointed with oil to feed it and keep it strong and working for the client.

Carolina Dean

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