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Sunday, October 24, 2010

9-Day Ritual to Drive Out an Evil Spirit

Part of my ancestry is Jewish in addition to being Irish and Native American. However, I grew up in a Baptist Household in which we were told that we were white and that's what we were told to say when people asked or we had to fill out forms. At one point in my life I sought spiritual fulfillment outside of Christianity which lead me to a Jewish-Mystic who shared the following ritual with me. 

To perform this ritual, you will need the following:
  • Twenty-Seven White Candles 
  • Sea-Salt
  • Earthenware Bowl 
  • Spring Water 
  • Run Devil Run Oil  
  • Holy Bible

Begin this ritual early in the morning just before sunrise. Set up your altar in the area where the evil spirit is most active. Draw a triangle on your work area in salt. Anoint three white-candles with Run Devil Run Oil and place them at the three points of the triangle. Place some spring-water in the earthenware bowl and add 9 drops of Run Devil Run Oil. saying:

"May it be your will, O Lord, God King of the Universe that this water be clean and pure and drive out any and all demons, devils, and evil spirits which may be about this dwelling. Amen."
Place the bowl in the center of the triangle.  Light the candles saying:

"Blessed are thou O Lord, our God King of the Universe who hath sanctified us and instructed us to light candles. Amen" 

Meditate on your desire to be rid of this evil spirit. When you are ready, fervently pray the 29th Psalm over the water 9 times and allow the candles to burn themselves out. 

The following day, and each day thereafter for a total of 9 days, anoint and light new candles and pray the 29th Psalm. However, the second day you will pray it 8 times; the third day you will pray it 7 times, the fourth day you will pray it 6 times, etc.. until on the 9th and final day you will only pray the Psalm once.

Over the course of the 9 days, DO NOT add water to the bowl. By the end of the nine-days the water will have evaporated and with it the evil spirit will be gone! If there is still water in the bowl after the 9th day, let it remain on the altar until the water has fully-evaporated and then take the bowl and bury it in a graveyard or at a crossroads. 

There are actually two forms of this ritual. One is to drive an evil spirit out of your home (given above) and one is to drive an evil spirit out of one's self. The ritual to rid yourself of an evil spirit is slightly different in that you are to bath yourself with the water after praying the Pslam each day. Replace the water along with the candles each successive day, disposing of the bowl as described above.

Carolina Dean

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