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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Doll to Trip Up Thieves

Here's a little doll I've made for business-owners who have had problems with thieves, robbers, and shop-lifters. It can easily be used in one's home as well to protect your dwelling from the same. 

To begin, simply make yourself a doll-baby by cutting out two human-shaped pieces of cloth. Sew them together and stuff it with cotton bunting, pete-moss, etc...In addition to the stuffing you use, include the following items:

  • Dried Red Peppers
  • Vandal Root 
  • Black Pepper
  • Salt 
  • Devil Shoestrings 

I usually place a whole dried red-pepper down in each leg near the foot to hot-foot the criminal away. The Vandal root is used partly because vandal is another word for someone who willfully destroys your property, but it also keeps out unwanted visitors (thieves, criminals, robbers, etc..) The salt has the duel task of protecting your home/business and keeping unwanted visitors from coming back. Black-pepper also has a reputation for preventing unwanted visitors. Finally, the devil shoestring will cause them to "trip-up" and make a mistake that will get them caught.

As you place each item inside the doll, speak to its spirit asking it to do perform its specific function and to work with the other herbs and minerals.If you wish you can write a petition on a piece of paper and place this inside the doll as well. This could be something as simple as "This doll represents any person that would enter my home (or business) to rob or steal from me." When you have completed the doll, smoke it in incense to bring it to life and assign him his task. 

Take the doll and hang it upside down from a piece of string by one leg over the front entrance to your home or business. Each time you successfully catch a shop-lifter, avert a robbery, or catch a thief take a pin and stick it in the doll to ensure that the charges are successfully "pinned" on him or her.

Carolina Dean 



Voodoo Mama said...

I love this spell, very clever:)

Carolina Dean said...

Thank you!

There is actually a longer story behind how I came to make these dolls. You can read the full story at the following link

Genies_Lamp said...

Carolina Dean,
What a wonderful post! I have been immensely enjoying your page since I came across it and learning a great deal. Thank you! I wondered, is this just like other doll babies? I mean, you would need a personal concern which would be the description of the individual I presume? Then you would baptize it or link it in spirit to the person? So at what point does this doll actually begin representing the individual and having an effect? Is it when you baptize it or is it when someone begins to meet the conditions of the name paper (ex: they enter or attempt to enter your home to steal thereby fitting the description and becoming linked to the doll then and there and experiencing the spells placed on doll)? I hope my question is clear. By helping me understand this you would be helping me understand much more. Thanks for your expertise! I hope you continue to write these extremely informative and helpful posts.

Carolina Dean said...

Well generally speaking when a person breaks into your home you don't usually know who they are so personal concerns and the like would be out of the question.

The doll represents anyone who would try to break into your home or business.

Genies_Lamp said...

Thank you for the reply! So, are we preemptively hoodooing anyone who would steal from us, or will it affect them only when and if they actually do steal from us? I am really looking forward to using this one and again I thank you!

Carolina Dean said...

Yes. Yes. You're welcome.