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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Self-Blessing Ritual

As spiritual practitioners we are often called upon to bless our clients in various ways such as helping them to find love, engender luck, assuage grief, restore health, and remove blockages to name a few. But what does it mean to be blessed and how are we blessed?

Bruce Wilkinson, the author of The Prayer of Jabez defines blessing as “[asking] for or to impart supernatural favor.” When we perform rituals to bless others we are calling upon God to confer his favor upon them so that they may know God’s love and to enjoy abundance in all things. To seek a blessing is to ask to become closer to God and align ourselves with his will.

Below I will share a ritual to will assist you in moving closer to God and receiving his spiritual blessings. To perform this ritual you will need:

* Hyssop

* Salt

* White-Candle

* Blessing Oil

* Photo of Yourself

* Bible

Shortly before sunrise, prepare a spiritual bath which includes Hyssop. Set two candles on either side of your shower or tub and light them. Soak in the bath for at least 10 minutes as you contemplate that which you feel is separating you from God and keeping you from the gifts that he has to offer you. You may wish to read the 51st Psalm as you meditate.

When you are ready, begin pouring the water over your head as you say

“Cleanse me with Hyssop and I will be clean, wash me and I will be whiter than snow.”

When you are done, stand up and step backwards out of the tub and pass between the two lit candles, saying:

“In Jesus name, Amen.”

Before allowing the water to run down the drain, save a cupful which you will dispose of at a crossroads by throwing it towards the West and walking away without looking back.

At your altar, carve your name upon the white candle and anoint it with Blessing Oil. Place the candle in a holder on top of an overturned saucer, under which you have placed the photograph of yourself. Light the candle, then take out your bible and turn it to the book of Matthew. Read chapter 5:3-11. When you are done you will repeat each verse asking for God’s blessings.
For example, you might say:

Lord, I am poor in spirit.
I am down-trodden, and defeated.
I lack self-esteem and self-confidence.
I ask that you bless me that I may obtain the kingdom of heaven.

Lord, I am mournful.
I mourn for all that I have lost
and all that I do not have.
I ask that you bless me that I may find comfort.

Lord, help me to be meek.
Give me the strength to turn the other cheek
and sin against no man.
I ask that you bless me that I may possess the earth.

Lord, I hunger for justice.
I have been wronged by friend and foe.
I have been used and abused.
I ask that you bless me that I may have satisfaction.

Lord, help me to be merciful
so that I may forgive those who trespass against me
and so that I may forgive myself.
I ask that you bless me that I may obtain mercy.

Lord, help me to be pure of heart
so that I may become as humble as a child
so that I may enter the kingdom of heaven,
I ask that you bless me that I may see the face of God.

Lord, help me to be a peacemaker
so that I may help bring peace to others
and bring peace to myself.
I ask that you bless me that I may be called a son/daughter of God.

Lord, I have been persecuted for righteousness sake.
I have tried to do right by others and
I have tired to do right by myself.
I ask that you bless me that I may obtain the kingdom of heaven.

When you are done, allow the candle to burn out. If any wax is left behind, you may wish to inspect it for any signs of the work. Then, gather it up and ritually dispose of it by burying it in your backyards. Take the photograph of yourself and press it in the Bible at the Beatitudes as a remembrance of your blessings.

Carolina Dean

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