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Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Ritual To Bless Your Tarot Cards

Making a habit of cleansing one’s tools and materials is a very important practice to maintain. You may think that you are safe with a new deck of tarot cards, however the materials use to make them probably have been handled, the machines used to manufacture them are maintained by people whose energy can be transferred to the cards through the manufacturing process, and the final product is probably handled by at least one person for quality control.

If you purchased your deck from an online store, you don’t know the environment they have been stored it, how they have been handled, or how many people have handled them. If you purchased your deck from a brick-and-mortar store you then have to take into account all the employees who may have handled the deck but also the number of customers who picked up the box and considered buying the deck before you came along and purchased it.

Objects can, and often do, absorb energy from its environment and the people in the environment. Human thoughts and emotions can transcend time and space so what makes you think a little thing like cardboard and plastic can keep out these energies?

Here’s a ritual to cleanse a new (or even an old) tarot deck. To perform this ritual you will need:

• Tarot Deck
• Blessing Oil
• King Solomon Wisdom Oil
• Psychic Vision Oil
• Candle
• Blessing Incense
• Holy Water
• Salt
• Clean, White Cloth

Begin by setting up your ritual space and placing the items before you in a manner pleasing to your eye. When you are ready, light the candle and incense and then anoint your hand with Blessing Oil, King Solomon Wisdom Oil, and Psychic Vision Oil. Open your cards and look through the deck. Examine each card and notice how you react to each image. Take your time moving through the deck. Next shuffle the cards several times and get a handle for how they feel.

When you are done hold the cards over the Salt and say: “As this salt cleanses and purifies, may these cards be cleansed and purified and serve me to reveal, instruct, and prophesize!”

Shuffle the cards again and then hold them over the Incense and say: “As this incense moves ever skyward, may these cards always be used for the highest good and represent my purest ideals.”

Shuffle the cards again and then hold them safely above the Fire Candle and say: “As light dispels darkness, may these cards dispel the shadows of fear and ignorance, revealing only the highest truth.”

Shuffle the cards again and then hold them over the Water and say: “As water is fluid, may I always remember that the future is ever changing, and that it is mine to create through the choices that I make.”

At this point you may or may not wish to perform your first reading with your cards. Finally, wrap the card in a clean, white cloth and put them in a safe place until you are ready to use them again.

Carolina Dean

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