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Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Solar Return Chart 2010-2011

A Solar Return Chart is a type of chart used in predictive astrology in which an astrological map of the heavens in charted for the exact time the Sun returns to the degree that it held in the zodiac at the precise moment of your birth. This usually occurs within 2 days of your birthday.

A Solar Return Chart can be analyzed much in the same way as a Natal, or Birth Chart to determine those themes and influences that will color your personal solar-year (which runs roughly from your birthday in one year to your birthday in the following year). Similarly a Lunar Return Chart focuses on the moon's position and runs on a roughly 30 day cycle.

The process of analyzing a Solar Return Chart is somewhat tedious and involves 

  • Comparing the position of the planets in one's Natal chart to their position in the Solar Return. 
  • Comparing the aspects, or relationships, between the planets in one's Natal Chart and Solar Chart relevant to their respective positions. For example Natal Sun in the 3rd House Trine Solar Moon in the 8th House.
  • Analyzing the position of the planets in both the sign and the houses in the Solar Return Chart alone. 
  • Analyzing the aspects, or relationships, between the planets in the Solar Return Chart alone. 
I am somewhat late in erecting my solar-return as my birthday was back in mid-September. Given that this is now mid-January my solar-year is 1/4 over! In reading over the highlights of my chart you'll notice that some of these predictions have already come true such as my change in careers (although I am still currently unemployed) and the fact that I changed residences.

Highlights of My Solar-Return Chart 2010-2011

You personal identity revolves around your contribution to the world through your work and your interest (possibly communication, writing, or commerce). The better you feel about yourself, the more you will be able to adapt to the changes around you. You’ll find that you will be able to adapt to new situations quickly once you get over your initial fears. You have a strong desire to express yourself, either verbally or through the written word. You are enthusiastic, animated and intellectually stimulated by the sharing of concepts and ideas. However, when emotions enter into the equation you’ll notice that you tend to say things that you don’t mean and appear to be standoffish.

You have a passionate drive to gain and maintain love. Past hurts and jealousies haunt you preventing you from taking the lead of faith into the unknown. Similarly, you yearn to throw yourself wholly into creative endeavors and though you have some success in this area, fear of failure holds you back from going further. A lack of potential suitors is inclines you towards periods of withdrawal. Though one-on-one relationships seem foreign to you, cultivating close, rewarding partnerships is important to you. However, you feel a certain amount of responsibility in your relationships. There is also a desire to maintain your personal freedom with a partner who also enjoys his freedom and who has a certain amount of aloofness. You seek a relationship in which you are your partner are equals and any man who becomes too close too fast will be rebuffed. Passions runs deep, but sex without love holds little meaning for you. As your inner masculine and feminine energies come into balance, you desire a lover with who you can explore darker, more primal, fantasies.

A change of residence is indicated, as well as a desire to change the home from within (rearranging furniture, painting, redecorating, etc…). However, it is important to understand whether you are making these changes because you want to, or because you are restless and longing for perfection and a place to belong.  With all the changes around you, look to your past attachments (traditions, family, etc...) for strength. Frustration over one’s lack of gaining material possessions is indicated as finances sour and you are forced to tighten your belt. Though things won’t be as bad as you think they are, it is wise to look at the big picture. Circumstances compel a change in careers.  You’ll shine in a position in which you are being a service to others. However, your success will depend on self-discipline as well as positive feelings about your work.  Your financial outlook improves over time.

Restlessness is indicated as well as a desire for things far away. You are interested in traveling and learning more about different cultures, philosophies, etc… Emotions are erratic as well as you search for inner-meaning and spiritual fulfillment.  You seek personal freedom in a way that will uplift not only those around you but the world as a whole. You find comfort in surrounding yourself with creative people whose ideals mirror your own. Exposing yourself to the creative endeavors of others will often assist you in rejuvenating your own energies. You attract and become associated with unusual and off-beat personality. You have a strong desire for true-friendship and a deep connection with your friends but find that your reality rarely lives up to your ideals. You are very open and giving and must be on guard not to let yourself be taken advantage of.  Therefore you must be clear with others so as to avoid confusion and misunderstandings. 

Carolina Dean

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