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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Aura Cleanse Ritual

The Aura is an invisible field of energy which surrounds all living things. This emanation of ethereal light and energy surrounds human beings and extends from two or three feet in all directions from the body. 

The colors of the aura are a good indicator of a person's disposition, health, and spirituality. The Aura is many-colored, it flows and moves with you changing color with your moods, feelings, and spiritual condition. Those blessed with the gift of second-sight can literally see the aura around living things, while others psychics are said to perceive it with the inner eye.

The Aura acts as a natural shield against negativity, black magick, and the evil eye. Over time, stress can weaken the aura and negativity can cling to it resulting in  feelings of being weighed down, and can cause depression, illness, and nervousness. A person with a weak aura will also become vulnerable to magickal attack as well.  

When this occurs, it becomes necessary for the person to cleanse their aura. In fact, like the chakras, it is a good idea to cleanse one's aura on a regular basis. Depending on your several factors including your own personal health, emotional outlook, level of stress, and personal disposition you may want to do this anywhere from once a week, once a month, or four times a year at the change of the seasons.

To cleanse your aura, you will need:

  • Dried Sage
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Match
  • Cauldron

Directions: Place the dried sage in the cauldron of transformation. Pour in a capful of rubbing alcohol, light a match and set the sage to smoking. Stand over the cauldron with your feet wide apart and your arms outstretched. Allow the smoking sage to waft over your body.


"Protective shell of light unseen, 
tarnished be your radiant sheen;
I cleanse you now that you may shine, 
just like the sun at noon-time!"

Visualize your aura about yourself glowing strong and bright.

Carolina Dean 

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Anonymous said...

Great reminder,sometimes we forget the strain that stress and illness plays on our aura.