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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mailbag Monday : Exploding Candle

I have been confused about a guy I have known for a long time as an acquaintance. We recently had a one night romantic encounter and I have been debating what I would like this to become and what I think he might want. I came home tonight and thought that casting a love spell on him would be fun and harmless.
 I had never done this before. I wrote his name down on a piece of paper and folded it over a few times. Then I etched [his name] on a pink rose scented tea-light with a needle. I pierced the paper with the needle and pinned it on the candle after I had lit it. I was feeling good and waiting for the paper to finish burning to go to sleep when the glass candle holder exploded. I wasn't hurt, but mightily shocked! I had had it for a long time and burnt many candles in it.
How would you interpret this?

Signed, Shocked in Suburbia

MM Shocked,

First I'd like to address your statement that "casting a love spell ...would be fun and harmless". Though for some people magick may be a passing interest, a hobby, or even the subject of a scholarly study it is not "harmless fun." When you practice magick, and do it successfully, you are engaging powerful energies that when unleashed can have serious effects on your life and the lives of others. In addition even when spells don't work the way that we originally intended, that can still have unforeseen consequences.

Many years ago, I cast a love spell on a man that I thought I wanted but who was very wrong for me. After my spell lured him into my bed I found out just how wrong he was. I discovered that he had a long criminal history and was as selfish and ugly on the inside as he was beautiful and charming on the outside. It took a violent encounter with the law to get him out of my life and afterward I was left broke (literally) and broken. I cast that spell in 1997 and 14 years later I am still dealing with the consequences of just one "harmless love spell."

The first thing that you did wrong was acting on impulse. Though there is something to be said for striking while the iron is hot, i.e. performing magick while you are in the mood and your energies are flowing, it should not be done without designing a spiritual plan.  At the very least a divination should have been performed prior to casting your spell in order to determine the probable outcome of your work. 

Had you performed a divination prior to casting your spell, you may have  1) discovered some flaw in your spell 2) been counseled that this man was not right/ready for you at this time 3) been advised to use a different form of magick (such as a mojo bag, or knot spell) or 4) other.

That being said, the signs given for a candle-holder that cracks or explodes largely depends on the the goal of the spell. Generally speaking a cracked/exploding Vigil Light can indicate 

  1. Breaking through an obstacle such as another person's defenses 
  2. Breaking a spell such as a hex that was placed on you. 
  3. Your candle broke because it took a 'hit' for you.
  4. The person is actively working against you and broke your spell before it could have an affect on him or her. 
I know one professional worker who avoids this by only using metal candle-holders and I think that this is a good idea myself. As you can see, there really is no easy answer to your question.  My suggestion is to perform a divination for yourself or have someone perform a divination for you.

A quick turn of the cards indicates your desire to move forward with a relationship in the past (6 of Wands). The Queen of Wands (the Achiever) in the present position here indicates that you want a relationship with this man more than you're willing to admit though your motivation may not necessarily be romantic.  The fact that she is focusing her attention on the future and the Ace of Pentacles seems to indicate that this man is very successful  financially in his life and that is a large part of your attraction to him. The Ace of Wands in the outcome position (especially next to the Ace of Pentacle) indicates that a business relationship rather than a romantic one is possible. 

What I see in this layout is an energetic woman with a drive to succeed who has found a man who can invest in her dream. Overall there are four "fire" cards in this spread and only one "earth" card. The reading seems to suggest that you refrain from coming on too strong with this man and be honest with him (and yourself) about what kind of relationship that you desire with him.

Carolina Dean


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