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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Honey Jar for Self-Esteem

We are now roughly 6 weeks into the new year and many people have probably resolved to make some form of positive change in their life. Whether their goal is to lose weight, save more money, spend more time with loved ones, find a better job, stop smoking, attract a mate, etc… by now they have either broken their resolution or are foraging ahead. According to one study after 6 months roughly 46 percent of those who made resolutions have kept them.

In and of themselves there is nothing wrong with any of these goals. However, sometimes the problems we chose to address are really a symptom of a greater issue and achieving our initial goal doesn’t always deal with that issue. For example, according to one study of the Top Ten Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions of 2011, losing weight ranks at number three. There are many reasons that people are overweight, some of these include poor diet and lack of exercise, medical issues such as an overactive thyroid, or even psychological issues such as food addiction, or a even a desire to push others away out of a fear of rejection.

Similarly, many people resolve to find a mate in the new year. The desire to love and to be loved in return is very natural and normal. At one time or another everyone finds them self alone and for many people that is perfectly all right. In some cases, a person may find that there is simply a lack of available suitors, or even a question of timing. However other people find themselves alone because they don’t believe that they deserve love or they feel that they are too unattractive, among other reasons. The person may vacillate between sincerely desiring love and purposely pushing it away. They may intentionally sabotage their own success by setting impossibly high standards, alter their physical appearance to make them less attractive, or even engage in negative thinking.

As you can see the individuals in these cases are seeking something outside their self in response to a lack of something inside their self —which is love. Psychology defines this type of love as self-esteem and it is regarded as a person’s overall evaluation of their own self worth. Without a healthy dose of self-esteem, all other goals are a superficial fix for a much deeper problem. Therefore before we can address the outer, we should address the inner.

By now you should all be familiar with Honey Jar spells, which are a family of spells utilizing sweeteners such as honey, sugar, or syrup to cause people (judges, potential suitors, prospective employers, etc…), favor you above all others; objects such as money to be drawn to you. However, this type of sympathetic magick can be used on yourself, just as well as it can be used on another.

To begin a honey jar for self-esteem, you will need:

  • honey
  • glass jar with a metal lid
  • pink-candle
  • photograph of yourself
  • lemon grass
  • master root
  • coriander
  • Cast Off Evil Oil
  • Blessing Oil
  • Attraction Oil
  • a small lodestone
  • magnetic sand
  • Holy Bible
To begin, fill the glass jar ¾ of the way with honey and set it aside. Next, take a photograph of yourself from at time in your life when you were happy, smiling, and upbeat. Turn it over and write a list of all the things that you like about yourself. When you are done, turn the photograph over, look yourself in the eye and tell yourself all the things that you like about yourself that you are valued, and that you are loved. Here is a sample script for you to try.

Dean, I am so glad that you were born. You are a special person, with a great sense of humor. You are strong, intelligent, creative, talented, and can achieve anything that you desire. You are perfectly all right just the way you are and I love you. ”

When you are done, place the lodestone on top of the picture; sprinkle it with magnetic sand saying

“As I feed you, so will you feed me and draw these qualities out in me so that like this honey I will shine with the light of the sun and be as sweet to myself in thought, word, and deed as this honey is sweet to my tongue. Amen.”

Dip your finger in the honey and taste a bit of it, then fold the photograph around the lodestone and place it inside the honey-jar. Sprinkle in the coriander and lemon grass, and then place the master root inside the honey jar. Place three drops each of the condition oils for a total of nine drops. Screw the lid on the jar.

Carve your name on a pink candle and anoint it with the Blessing Oil. Affix the candle to top of the honey jar. Place your hands a few inches above the candle and spend a few moments visualizing yourself happy, smiling, and upbeat. Focus your thoughts on the things that you like about yourself.

When you are ready light the candle, take out your bible and read Psalm 139. Allow the candle to burn out on its own. Each day thereafter for a total of seven days burn a pink candle on the honey jar and read the Psalm to set it working. After the initial week, you will burn a dressed pink-candle on the jar three times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Carolina Dean

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